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Brooklyn Nets Ready For Miami Heat Round 2


Today, the Brooklyn Nets became the seventh team to punch their ticket into the next round of the NBA playoffs. The Nets defeat Toronto 104-103 in the final seconds to defeat the Raptors in seven games. Brooklyn made a statement in this game and they’re hoping their recent success can continue into the next round from the Miami Heat, a team they dominated during the standard season.

The Brooklyn Nets are a team to be reckoned with due to their experience and depth. Maybe that’s why they swept their regular season series with the Heat. There’s Joe Johnson, Kevin Garnett, Deron Williams, Paul Pierce, etc. This can be a team that’s built for the playoffs, that they proved after today’s game. Brooklyn beat a Raptors team that numerous thought was adequate to even challenge the Heat or Pacers. They fought and they eventually conquered.

In the NBA playoffs, you can’t just go in and think you’re likely to dominate every team. Eventually, a team’s cockiness will get for them and haunt them. Brooklyn isn’t that way. These were underdogs right from the start of the playoffs. They experienced adversity early in the season, especially after their horrid begin to the season. They suffered through countless injuries, most notably Brook Lopez’s season ending injury. In a way, they relate to what they Heat did last year. Although they certainly were the favorites to win everything, they certainly were pushed to the brink by both Indiana and San Antonio. Both the Heat and Nets are respectable and they both understand that the playoffs are anyone’s game.

With that said, the Nets and Heat will be a fun series to watch. Brooklyn and Miami are both great teams, however the team that wants it more will win. For me, I believe the Heat have a plus over the Nets, however the Nets have lots of talent and a great bench that may challenge the Heat. Like a year ago, the Heat will have a difficult journey inside their pursuit of a three-peat, a journey that’ll begin (and might end) against Brooklyn. I can’t wait.

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