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2015 NBA Playoffs – Can Anyone Beat Golden State Warriors?

The Warriors take game two.
The Warriors take game two.

After watching the initial quarter of the No. 1 seed, Golden State
Warriors, top scoring team in the league who couldn’t shoot, one would
not be wrong to assume New Orleans would play well through the
following quarters and even up the series.  If a fan watched the
opening 12 minutes and then flipped on the TV later at night to catch
the scores, he or she may have been surprised to see the Warriors with
a 10 point victory and a 2-0 lead in the series heading back to New

Thanks in large part to Draymond Green’s successful night, the Warriors
are two games up in the series and shifting to the Western Conference
semis.  That should be good news for Steve Kerr and bunch.  If Green
can score anywhere near what he did last night, Golden State could be
hard to take down in this series.

The defense clamped down, allowing only Anthony Davis to essentially
enter onto a rythm in addition to helping to lessen passing lanes and
force poor Pelicans’ shots.  It was an absolutely elegant display in
the final period where the Warriors played precise offense and defense.

Looking ahead, the Warriors are a true team in every sense of the word.
Kerr, himself a part player, has produced some key shots during his
career.  Some understands how the Warriors should not get complacent.
Sure, they almost certainly got the MVP of the league in Steve Curry
and a guard duo who able to score at will (remember when Thompson set
37 in a quarter on Sacramento?).

I have not been a serious NBA fan.  The games are often too slow, the
play too developed and less raw than the college game and too much of
the team aspect is lost as a star player desires to toss up 30 or more
shots in a game.  But these Warriors have changed all that this season.
If they could only play team basketball at that higher level, then
every game there may be another Green to show up and assist Curry and
Thompson in putting any upset hopes on hold.

This team has already established numerous 10+ winning streaks during
the season, and against decent competition.  It is time that
individuals recognize that for a group to win four out of seven from
this team will be a masterful feat.  What team could do that, I don’t
believe there is a team that could.  Maybe the Mavs or Hawks would be
capable.  We will see.

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