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2015 NFL Draft Predictions – Who Will Be In The Top 5?


The 2015 NFL Draft is finally here but there’s still lots of uncertainty about how the very first round will play out with lots of rumors about teams trying to trade up and trade down. In fact, in the event that you tune in to the rumors you may believe it’s actually more likely a group trades its pick for another or multiple picks as opposed to stay put where they are. Listed here is a look at how we think picks 1-5 will play out if all five teams keep their 2015 NFL Draft Predictions.

1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Jameis Winston, Florida State – QB

It’s hard to remember if Winston was ever not the top-ranked player on the board according to NFL scouts and experts and while there has been lots of speak about potential character issues and problems together with his maturity level the stark reality is he has all the tools to be always a franchise quarterback for decades to come. Winston is big, strong, mobile and perhaps above all he’s regarded as one of the smartest quarterbacks in the future out of college recently when it comes to his overall understanding of the game. Despite all the chatter it would have been a major shock if the Buccaneers didn’t take Winston since the No. 1 pick.

2. Tennessee Titans – Marcus Mariota, Oregon – QB

This is the pick that’s been talked about probably the most when it comes to trade potential with rumors rampant that the Titans trade this pick to the San Diego Chargers for Phillip Rivers. While a potential trade appears to be to complicate this pick at first glance the stark reality is that when the Chargers or some other team move as much as No. 2 it’s because they desperately desire to draft Mariota. The Titans don’t have a franchise quarterback on their roster and they may regret it when they give taking Mariota themselves with this particular pick.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars – Leonard Williams, USC – DE

The Jaguars nabbed their franchise quarterback a year ago so that they need to be thrilled about the fact arguably the very best prospect in this year’s NFL Draft will be waiting in order for them to select him at No. 3. Williams is probably the most dominant defensive player available and while Jacksonville may have needs elsewhere they only can’t afford to give a potential game changer that could play at at the very top level from the outset in the defensive end from USC.

4. Oakland Raiders – Amari Cooper, Alabama – WR

This is a very deep wide receiver class and the Raiders could possibly be tempted to trade down so as to increase their picks and take a receiver later on in the very first round but the odds are still that they stick with this particular pick and take the consensus No. 1 receiver in Cooper. A true No. 1 with excellent speed, size and smarts, Cooper would be the elite playmaker that’s paired with sophomore quarterback Derek Carr because they attempt to build a far more complete offense in Oakland.

5. Washington Redskins – Dante Fowler Jr., Florida – DE

When there is one team in the top-5 that could really benefit from trading down it could be Washington at No. 5 where the very best two quarterbacks, top defensive player and top offensive playmaker will be off the board. The Redskins have lots of needs but if they stick making use of their select the emphasis will likely be on the defensive side of the football having an edge rusher that could do everything at a advanced level from the end position. The trade that sent multiple picks to the St. Louis Rams for Robert Griffin III still haunts this team and if they can find a way to obtain some extra picks back there is a great chance they’ll do it.

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