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5 NFL Teams Which Are Noticed These Days

NFL Teams
5 NFL Teams Which Are Noticed These Days

No one can predict the situation but there are five NFL teams which are on everyone’s mind. People selected these five teams for their shocking performance this year 5 weeks game. Let know about their current situation and future planning.

5. San Francisco 49ers

Quarterback Colin Kaepernick

After a great winning over the Sunday night, still 49ers are back. Jim Harbaugh could not lead San Francisco 49ers to top as former coach did. Its shocking to see their free fall in the season which can affect their entire ranking. Team lovers are continuously criticizing Harbaugh for such a bad position. His departure can only improve the status or any miracle can save the team.
4. Kansas City Chiefs
NFL Bad 5 Teams

Chiefs have again got defeated on Sunday against Chicago Bears. Team is running under extreme pressure after Jamaal Charles had torn ACL. Coach Andy Reid felt bad after he found that Charles got injured. This time they have high chances to be off the game, let’s see what comes in next match of Kansas City Chiefs.

3. New Orleans Saints

New Orleans Saints

Saints are getting back to back loss which was continued on Sunday. Things are getting worse with the team and people are losing hope from New Orleans. Their all strategies are lacking to get enough points to sustain in the game. But Thursday game can change the situation as Quinn and Jones are highly motivated to win the game and lead the team. In spite of Jones injury in his right leg wants to participate in the game to show his strength. People can enjoy the game on Thursday with crazy Quinn and Jones performance. Jones is known for his many winning games in the past few years of his gaming.

  1. Baltimore Ravens
Another week in the NFL season. And it's another week in which the Baltimore Ravens defense plays like they are stealing checks.
Another week in the NFL season. And it’s another week in which the Baltimore Ravens defense plays like they are stealing checks.

Baltimore Ravens has achieved a name as one of the worst defending team in the five weeks game. A team which has gained popularity in the past years for being the best in defense got lowered down in its strength with a loss to the Cleveland Browns. In 2014 Baltimore Ravens showed their power of defense which increased their betting guests. But this time it’s hard to find people going with Ravens. They have to think a lot and improve their tactics.

1. Detroit Lions

Detroit Lions
Matthew Stafford has been the best quarterback in decades for the Detroit Lions. He also might not be the future all the same.

Every year one team shocks their fans by getting lost with in worse situation. Detroit Lions is the one this time. Lions got defeated on Sunday with Matthew Stafford being benched at Arizona Cardinals made the team weaker in the game. If the team continues to lose again and again then this year would be very hard to finish .500. Current coach could not lead the team well therefore new coach as Jim Caldwell is coming on the way to handle Detroit Lions. People believed that this year would be the winning year for Lions but fortunate has changed the game this year.

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