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Arizona Cardinals To Take Ray Rice?


It has now been a lot more than two weeks since free agent running back Ray Rice has been reinstated by the NFL. As all of us know, Rice was suspended indefinitely by league commissioner Roger Goodell following his domestic violence case. As we take a look, Goodell and the NFL got it wrong using their double jeopardy ruling, ater giving him a two-game suspension on Rice and later upping it to an indefinite suspension.

Now that Rice has regained eligibility to play football after winning federal appeal, the lingering question after two weeks is, who is prepared to sign him?

One team that can use his services is the Arizona Cardinals. Rice can donate to the Cardinals’running game, which has really been struggling in 2010 since the fifth worst in the league for the reason that category. Granted, Rice hasn’t played football in annually, so there could be some rust. Additionally, Rice’s hasn’t done as expected from 1,143 rushing yards in 2012 when he won a Super Bowl, to 660 yards rushing in 2013.

However, these facts aren’t enough to discount a straight back of Rice’s caliber. It’s now around the Cardinals’personnel to consider signing Rice. It’s unlikely that the signing can take place in 2010, being that the Cardinals come in the driver’s seat in the NFC West and vying for a divisional title and playoff berth. The final thing this franchise needs currently is most of the media distractions that would surround them with Rice being brought on board in the Desert. All things considered, the Cardinals’front office needs to start thinking about the 2015 offseason, and signing Rice to at the very least a short-term deal to test out him in the run game.

As Rice stated within an interview with The Today Show’s Matt Lauer, “I have taken full responsibility for everything I’ve did and the thing I can a cure for and pray for is a second chance.” It’s too early to inform now whether Rice is a changed man, but a return to football can definitely assist in the healing process. All things considered, players such as for instance Michael Vick, Donte Stallworth and Adam Jones have been allowed second opportunities in the NFL after year-long suspensions. I don’t see why Rice wouldn’t be allowed that same opportunity.

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