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Bears Need to Get Rid Of Cutler After Season?

The Bears play the Saints on Monday Night Football.

Yes, trading Jay Cutler will surely cost the Chicago Bears a lot of money over the following few seasons. It’d ultimately hurt them financially, but it’s something that needs to be done.

I understand franchise quarterbacks in the NFL don’t come around that often, but let’s step back and be honest: Cutler will never lead the Bears or any other team to a Super Bowl. I don’t even have him winning a primetime game; he won’t even get a team to the NFL’s storied championship game. He just doesn’t have it to win big games.

You know things are bad with the Bears when their offensive coordinator, Aaron Kromer, just admitted and apologized to his offense for conversing with NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport about how precisely frustrating it is to view Cutler mismanage football games.

Cutler is 31 years of age; he’s not going to have any better being an NFL quarterback. This really is it; this really is who he is. He’s a physically talented player who could mentally never obtain it together and cut out the boneheaded mistakes he makes each and every week. In fairness he features a played great at times, but whenever you play in the NFL, you’re likely to always play great.

Another thing that’s telling is any particular one of Cutler’s close friends and teammates, Brandon Marshall, admitted this week he would also have buyer’s remorse if he was the Bears after they signed Cutler to a seven-year, $126.7 million contract extension this past offseason.

Now could the Bears become one of many worst teams in the NFL without Cutler? Sure they could. But they may as well start looking for a franchise quarterback now, because if they hold on to Cutler, they’ll just be another mediocre team trying to get on the hump until they choose to part ways with him.

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