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Who is To Blame For Seahawks Super Bowl Loss?


When the clock struck zero and the New England Patriots were crowned the 2015 Super Bowl champs, and everyone are talking about the play at the end of the game from the Seattle Seahawks‘ sideline. Right near goal-line, late in the 4th quarter, Seattle made a mistake choice that cost them the win. Even although the infamous pass on the target line will undoubtedly be debated before end of time, lots of the blame for the Seahawks’loss in Super Bowl XLIX has to fall on their young quarterback Russell Wilson and not the Seahawks’coaching personnel.

There is no denying that Wilson has a bright future in front of him, he already has a Super Bowl ring on his resume. But when the overall game ended and Tom Brady was named the MVP (37-for-50, 328 yards, four touchdowns, two interceptions), you have to blame Wilson for not keeping up with Brady’s production (12-of-21 with 247 yards,2 TD’s and one INT). We’ll, Wilson didn’t have a bad game at all, but he didn’t do what was expected to get the SB Win.

The quarterback position is the most scrutinized in each of sports, and rightfully so. There is a ton of pressure on the quarterback to see the defense, make the proper decisions and score points. Wilson played an intelligent game contrary to New England, also he played too conservative. Wilson knows that he has the most effective defense in the league, and he doesn’t want setting them up in bad field position with a bad mistake, but he needed to do more.

Even on the greatest play of the overall game, the one that decided that cemented the Seahawks’fate, Wilson was the main one who threw the ball. The one time when the Seahawks’had a need to play conservative,  they didn’t and Wilson forced a pass that didn’t must be thrown. Even though Pete Carroll and offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell called the play that resulted in an interception, Wilson made the read and the throw.

Super Bowl XLIX was ultimately decided using one play, but the Seahawks’had their chances to win the overall game far before the last play. It’s going to be a long offseason for the Seahawks, but we’ll see have to wait and observe Wilson and his teammates respond next season.

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