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Brian Hoyer Is Not Going To Be Returing to Cleveland in 2015


Once again, Mike Pettine didn’t consider a change at quarterback for the Cleveland Browns. The team was able to make a function at the Indianapolis Colts, but offensive misfires held the team back from obtaining the win. Brian Hoyer failed to appear solid for the second week in a row, but head coach remained with him. However, as Hoyer continues to struggle every week value to the Browns continues to fall and now the veteran quarterback isn’t expected to go back in 2015.

Hoyer’s stats were not up to standards in Week 14. The quarterback went 14 for 31 for 140 yards, no TD’s thrown and two INT’s. The Browns took lost by 1 point because of a strong rushing performance from Terrance West and Isaiah Crowell, but ultimately the quarterback play gets a large blame for the loss. However, after giving Hoyer the yank in Week 13 throughout a loss to the Buffalo Bills, Pettine opted not to complete the exact same against the Colts.

“I didn’t consider a change during the overall game,” Pettine said, via the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “I haven’t even thought about it so it’s something we’ll meet up and discuss at some point. It’s too fresh after that one to believe forward. He didn’t play well enough for us to win. We’re in a main point here business.  The entire team didn’t play well enough for us to win.”


Now, Pettine must decide if it is worth it to offer Johnny Manziel a try at QB. The rookie quarterback was the lone bright spot after a Loss to Buffalo, orchestrating a touchdown drive for the Browns which was capped off by a signature rush from Manziel into the endzone. Players rallied behind him as both Josh Gordon and Andrew Hawkins offered up praise. However, that has yet to be enough to obtain the rookie a start, but Hoyer’s struggles might put Pettine over the edge.

With Hoyer’s short-term future in doubt, his long-term future isn’t looking much better. In accordance with ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Hoyer isn’t expected to go back to Cleveland in 2015. The veteran quarterback is playing on an expiring contract and Cleveland has been coy about their intentions with him in the future. Having Manziel certainly complicates the future. Hoyer told the media in the beginning of the season that he simply desires to play for a group which will let him start. He’s certainly proved capable of starting and winning so teams will require interest.

The Browns can go a few directions with their quarterback spot. Some have speculated Hoyer will undoubtedly be re-sign and Manziel can get traded. Some have wondered if Cleveland will use one of the two first-round draft picks to grab a large named rookie again. It’s all up in the air, but if Hoyer gets the feeling he will not be allowed to begin, the veteran will undoubtedly be leaving the Browns.


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