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Can Philly Keep Winning with Mark Sanchez?


Remember the old Mark Sanchez? Well, We all Know that the Jets Fan’s remember. However, 13 weeks to the 2014 season, that same Mark Sanchez no further exists. The newest Mark Sanchez is now an Eagle, and he’s made probably the most of his opportunities in Philly.

Sanchez, who was released by the Jets in the offseason, wasn’t supposed take up a game this season. Nick Foles was “the person” in Philadelphia, which most of us knew.

Then it simply happened: Foles fractured his collarbone, similar to the injury that kept Aaron Rodgers from action for 7 full weeks in 2013. He’s missed four full weeks and is hinting toward a return on December 14th against the Cowboys.

The only question is this: will he start?

In Foles’absence, Sanchez has steered the Eagles to a 3-1 record (4-1 if you count the next half against the Texans). In Dallas on Thanksgiving, he carved up Dallas’defense like a turkey. He’d finish with over 200 yards passing and 2 TD, leading the Eagles to a convincing 33-10 victory.

Sanchez isn’t a great playmaker and he doesn’t have world-class speed. But he is doing everything well, which is all that counts.

Though it seems odd that Sanchez could be the director of the fastest paced offense in the NFL, he’s been effective.

The Eagles offense has soared with Sanchez, scoring at least 30 points in virtually every game since he took over. In his first three starts in Philly, Sanchez threw for at least 300 yards. Also, not to be forgotten, Sanchez reached the conclusion zone along with his legs for the first time in his career on Thursday.

His only hiccup was in Green Bay, when he tossed two interceptions en approach to a 53-20 loss.

Sanchez’resurrection has sparked a few of his teammates as well. LeSean McCoy, last year’s rushing king, has rushed for over 80 yards in each of his past three games. Jordan Matthews, a rookie receiver, has grabbed 4 TD over his past four games.

With Sanchez, the Eagles offense has transformed in to a well-oiled machine. Nothing against Nick Foles, but Sanchez has proven he is the right QB for Chip Kelly’s system.

The #1 concern with Foles is turnovers.

Foles has thrown two interceptions in three different games this year. The effects? Well, the Eagles lost two of the three games. Foles has additionally lost three fumbles.

Sanchez, on another hand, has limited his turnovers. Yes, he’s thrown 6 interceptions. However, he’s constructed for it. Turnovers can kill a group, and Sanchez hasn’t killed the Eagles…..yet. Foles has.

The Eagles offense may be much more dangerous with Foles, but they are more effective with Sanchez.

Remember, Mark Sanchez isn’t any bum. He is a veteran veteran who has were only available in two AFC championship games in his career. Sure, he lost both of them, but that is still something to celebrate.

There’s no clear answer for the Eagles right now. Sanchez has been good, but will that last? Foles’decision-making has been questionable at times, but they can do some things that Sanchez simply can’t do.

This is a matter of winning games, not making plays. With this in mind, I would need to stay with Sanchez. He’s playoff experience, which is valuable. And he’s confidence, something that is also valuable.

I never believed that I’d say this, but Sanchez is the solution that the Eagles have now been searching for.

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