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Carmelo Anthony To The Bulls?


It’s finally official! All the speculation and rumors regarding whether Carmelo Anthony would opt out of his contract with the New York Knicks has finally arrived at an end.

Carmelo Anthony officially announced June 23, 2014 he would forgo the chance to play with the New York Knicks another year in favor of opting out of his current contract and exploring the free agency market.

The Knicks set the June 23 deadline for Carmelo to make a final decision regarding whether he’d play for New York next season. New York Knick’s general manager Phil Jackson reportedly had extensive conversations with Anthony regarding his future and had hoped that the all-star forward would resign with the Knicks. Teams can officially begin pursuing free agents on July 1. Subscribe to Sports News Articles Today by Email

Carmelo Anthony will disappear from the max contract that the Knicks could of offered him to the tune of $129 million in five years. Now he will sign with a brand new team, the max dollar figure he can sign for is $96 million over four years. The fact that Carmelo walked from the big bucks he would have made in New York is just a testament to his unrelenting pursuit of a championship. Many were dubious regarding Carmelo’s statements throughout last season that winning a championship was his top priority. He has clearly shown that winning a championship truly is his top intention by opting out of his contract with the Knicks.

Four teams have emerged as potential landing spots for the now highly sought after free agent. Chicago and Houston will be the frontrunners in the race for Melo in the eyes of numerous NBA experts. Dallas lags significantly behind both of these teams, because they don’t really have the championship pieces that Chicago and Houston currently possess. Miami is the wildcard. In order to open up enough cap space to enlist Carmelo to come calmly to Miami, many players on the roster must make sacrifices in the proper execution of significant contract cuts. However, the attraction of having fun with three perennial all-star makes Miami a dark-horse in the sweepstakes to land Carmelo.

All reports indicate that Chicago is making a major effort to get the services of Carmelo Anthony and that landing him is their’plan A’this summer. The Bulls don’t desire to go home empty-handed by making the exact same mistakes as summers in the past. During the Gar Forman and John Paxson era, the Bulls have failed within their quest of landing top free agents. The careers of both front office executives could be at stake here and this reason explains the Bulls making such a consciousness effort to get Carmelo Anthony.

Both parties in the potential union of the Chicago Bulls and Carmelo Anthony have got proactive steps to see if this will be a mutually beneficial relationship. In accordance with reports, Carmelo Anthony has been in touch with an unspecified public figure to learn what it is want to be famous in Chicago. On the other end of the stick, Tom Thibodeau has been in touch with people within the Knicks organization to have insider details regarding Carmelo Anthony.

Joakim Noah has reportedly reached out in an attempt to recruit Carmelo Anthony many times this season. Especially was a supposed confrontation between both players at the all-star game this season. In accordance with source, Noah told Carmelo something over the lines of if he desired to win a championship he’d to come calmly to Chicago.

Among the biggest obstacles potentially blocking Carmelo arriving at Chicago is the amount of money that the Bulls could offer him. However, according to economists, Carmelo Anthony might make huge profit in the proper execution of endorsement deals in the town of Chicago. The Jordan brand obviously is prominent in Chicago, yet, since Michael Jordan retired the brand hasn’t had a famous Chicago Bull to endorse their product. Carmelo could be the next big celebrity endorser for the brand, subsequently making millions. Therefore, the fact the Bulls might not be able to offer Carmelo anything close to a maximum contract becomes irrelevant while he will have a way to compensate with his endorsement deals.

The summer free agent sweepstakes is heating up with the recent news that Carmelo Anthony will opt out of his contract with the Knicks. Keep it right here for all your latest news and rumors concerning the Chicago Bulls and their pursuit of free agents this summer.

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