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2015 Kansas City Royals World Series Odds

World Series Odds

It’s going to be a fantastic postseason as the 2015 MLB Playoffs gets under way. The NL Central has been grabbing all the attention with the very best three teams in the division all rendering it to the postseason. But St. Louis, Pittsburgh and Chicago is going to be duking ...

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Cardinals vs Pirates MLB Prediction Saturday’s NL Action


Anybody that wrote the St. Louis Cardinals off after the Adam Wainwright injury is probably wondering now how they may have been so shortsighted and with the consensus preseason World Series favorite Washington Nationals struggling due to their own injuries and inconsistencies the window is open for the Cardinals to ...

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Red Sox Fan Will Not Give Ball Back to Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez

Tying Willie Mays for fourth on the all-time home run list is a huge deal for New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez.  However, no one outside the Yankees organization wants to celebrate the achievement due to Rodriguez’ link to performance enhancing drugs.  Just the same as Barry Bonds, there needs ...

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New York Yankees Looking For a Pitcher


The New York Yankees need pitching help. They need a 5th pitcher for their rotation. After they lost Chris Capuano to injury, the Yankees are needing pitching depth to greatly help them this season. Although that is a problem that really needs to be resolved quickly, you will find choices ...

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Colorado Rockies Offense Off To A Red Hot Start


The Colorado Rockies are off to a scorching beginning to the 2015 MLB season.  Actually they are performing a great impression of the 2014 Milwaukee Brewers, a team that nobody thought much of but managed to begin red hot from the gate last season.  Ironically the action happened to be ...

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Boston Red Sox 2015 Pitcher Rotation


One of the most improved teams in baseball for the 2015 season are the Red Sox.  However their rotation is really a major question mark.  They do have some quality pitchers, but they don’t have a real #1 starter.  This could work, but only if all five of the pitchers ...

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Red Sox Hanley Will Win 2015 MVP


You’re not looking over this wrong. I firmly believe that the Red Sox new Left Fielder will win the American League MVP in 2015. But he is going to need to stay healthy, that has not been his calling since entering the league. And it’s a shame because he’s a ...

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