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Chicago Bulls Looking To Make Changes This Summer


Given that the NBA finals has concluded, all attention focuses to the wild NBA offseason that is sure to commence this summer. The Chicago Bulls come in an incredibly pivotal period of time for their franchise, they have a great chance to boost their team via free agency or trades this summer. This offseason is particularly intriguing for Chicago because many NBA insiders feel that the Bulls have an excellent chance to land a few of the biggest available names out there.

Debate has raged rampant over whether Carmelo Anthony or Kevin Love would have been a more valuable addition to the Chicago Bulls roster.

Carmelo Anthony has been given a June 23 deadline by the New York Knicks to decide if he’ll opt out of his current contract or resign in New York. Reports have recently surfaced suggesting that Anthony will pick the opt out option and test free agency so he can play for the best NBA championship contender.

In order to acquire the services of Anthony, the Bulls must pitch the actual fact they’ve championship potential and must pay him an adequate quantity of dough. Anthony knows he is walking away from the huge sums of money he might be making in New York, and he realizes that the pay-cut to his salary is inevitable if he chooses to develop into a free agent.

The Bulls will probably exercise the amnesty clause on Carlos Boozer, paying his contract but this money won’t count against their salary cap. That leaves at the very least $16.8 million in open salary space that may be used to create over Carmelo.

Personally though, I don’t think Carmelo Anthony is the clear answer to the Bulls problems. With Rose finding its way back, they have the principal scorer that they have to win. They just desire a few more supplemental scorers (Kevin Love) to compliment Rose’s greatness.  There’s reasons that the Knicks have sucked for so long and are known for their wasted potential. Anthony is usually given a cross for the failures, but the idea of the situation is that when he was as good as people say he’s then the Knicks could have been an even more successful franchise during his years in New York. True superstars lead their team to success regardless of the circumstances. Carmelo has failed to accomplish this.

The Bulls point of emphasis this offseason should be acquiring Kevin Love. However, the front office needs to execute an ideal game-plan in order to get Kevin Love ahead to Chicago. There’s definite risk involved with this deal, the Bulls must determine if they would like to make an immediate trade for Love or risk he will soon be available via free agency next summer.

Kevin Love becomes an unrestricted free-agent during the summertime of 2015. Until then, he’s under contract with the Minnesota Timberwolves who have specified that they don’t intend to trade him before he could develop into a free agent.

Even though the Timberwolves have publicly said that they don’t intend to trade Kevin Love, I could definitely see a whole change-of-mind on the area of the Timberwolves front office. Kevin Love has publicly said he doesn’t intend to resign with Minnesota, so the absolute most logical move by the Timberwolves should be to trade him for a steep price so he doesn’t disappear for nothing.

Picking up Kevin Love via free agency would have been a much better choice for the Chicago Bulls. If the Timberwolves choose to trade him, they will undoubtedly look for a steep trade package to support for the increased loss of their franchise player. The Bulls could possibly have to stop their draft picks this year, along with some combination of Jimmy Butler/Carlos Boozer/Taj Gibson. If the Bulls are able to acquire Kevin Love via free agency, they steer clear of the roster hit that will ensue when they traded for him.

But, counting on Kevin Love still being available next summer (when he would develop into a free agent) is very risky. It is highly likely that the Timberwolves front office will wise up and trade Love to get a return and escalate the inevitable rebuilding process. In this case, the Bulls will be within an arms race with many teams to provide the absolute most enticing trade package in the eyes of the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Rumblings around Chicago, signify that the Bulls will likely pursue Carmelo Anthony over Kevin Love. However, nothing is placed in stone at this point and the long run plans of the Chicago Bulls are just truly known by the Bulls front office. No matter what the Bulls do, they have to come from the summer as an improved team. They could ill afford to screw up the free-agency/trade sweepstakes this summer.

The Eastern Conference will soon be improved next season as teams like the Indiana Pacers, Washington Wizards and Toronto Raptors continue to improve with age and experience. Provided that the’Big 3’exists in Miami, they is a formidable opponent.

The Bulls must boost their roster this summer so they can beat these Eastern Conference teams and ensure it is back once again to the NBA Finals. The Bulls current roster is great, the addition of 1 key free agent asset can set them on the edge and cause them to become the favorites to win the NBA championship. Gar Forman and Jon Paxson have to get their act together and commit to loading this team for a championship run next season. Go Bulls!

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