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Cleveland Browns Have a New Look For 2015


The Cleveland Browns achieved it again. Just when you thought they would finally begin moving their team to a fresh, modern look, they instead chose to produce subtle changes that really had no effect at all. These changes made things even worse.

On Tuesday, the Browns unveiled their new team and Dawg Pound logos. Let’s just say the outcomes were far from impressive.

As you can see, the state team logo itself underwent minimal change. Apart from a delicate change in the tint of orange and changing the facemask from grey to brown, there isn’t any  difference from last one to new. Also, they changed the font! The Cleveland’s’ logo had been among probably the ugliest in the NFL, and still is.

As for the Dawg Pound logo, it might have actually gotten worse. While your time and effort to produce it more modern is apparent, the logo has become not as intimidating. What used to be a large, bad dog that clearly needs a “Beware of Dog” sign has evolved into a half-finished puppy with a smug look on his face. If the Browns were wanting to interest children, they nailed it.

Leave it to the Browns to have a golden opportunity to update their logo, and flush it down the toilet. This sticks to be a Cleveland fan.

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