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Colin Kaepernick Is Not A Clutch Performer


How quickly time passes by. The San Francisco 49ers have already been perennial Super Bowl contenders for the past 3 years. Head Coach Jim Harbaugh’s team got to 3 straight NFC championships, while Colin Kaepernick was supposed to this Superstar.

Kaepernick helped the 49ers reach the Super Bowl. The 2nd coming of Randall Cunningham had arrived, but San Francisco failed to improve the Lombardi trophy while they lost to the Baltimore Ravens in 2012 by three points. The 2013 year finished with the team losing another three-point heartbreaker to the eventual champion Seattle Seahawks.

The normal pattern? Kaepernick had the football in his hands in the end. He did not come through in those clutch situations.

A couple of weeks ago, the 49ers were 7-4 by having an excellent chance to simply help his team stay static in the playoff hunt. San Francisco plays at home when they take on Seahawks to Levi’s Stadium on Thanksgiving night where Kaepernick put up an absolute dud against Seattle. The 49ers lost to the Seahawks 19-3 and Kaepernick went 16-of- 33 with 121 yards and two INT. His team needed him to step up. He didn’t.

Last Sunday, the 49ers took on the one-win Oakland Raiders. At 7-5, the 49ers still were in the playoff hunt. Once again, Kaepernick was missing in action. The San Francisco QB went 18-of-33 with 174 yards, one TD and two INT in a humiliating performance when his team needed a win.

The 49ers’playoff picture looks grim after the 24-13 loss. Their remaining schedule sets them against playoff  teams with games at Seattle, home to the San Diego Chargers and Arizona Cardinals.

Kaepernick has failed to seem when his team needed him the most. In four of the last five games, the 49ers have scored less than 20 points. The 49ers have experienced their share of issues this year, but I expect more from the so-called franchise QB.

The 49ers are designed to become a running team. In 2010, they have put the football in Kaepernick’s hands. In 16 games last season, he’d 25 TD (four rushing), eight INT and was sacked 39 times. In 13 games this season, he’s 16 TD (zero rushing), 10 INT and has been sacked a whopping 43 times.

Over the the past two games, he’s completed 55 percent of his passes. I expect more points on a group with a plethora of weapons at his disposal.

Kaepernick has regressed. He has failed to spread the rock to his receiving core. His accuracy is terrible. He constantly overthrows his receivers. He locks on to at least one receiver then scrambles to try and make a play. Kaepernick has a tendency to stare down his No. 1 option, which regularly gets him into trouble. He doesn’t start using a pump fake to help keep the secondary at bay. All the fantastic QBs are excellent at distributing the football and utilising the pump fake to perfection. Kaepernick lacks this at the moment.

The fourth-year QB needs to become more patient in the pocket and be better at surveying the field. He is agile enough to elude defenders and quick enough to give plays. It drives me crazy when he decides to take a sack in place of simply throwing the ball away. This year, he’s been sacked for 271 yards lost. He needs to understand the worthiness of preserving every yard; there’s no shame throwing the ball away.

Kaepernick doesn’t need the “home run“ play on each down. He needs to run through his progressions and move the chains.

I’m not blaming Kaepernick for the 49ers’record. The team has had a lot of injuries and outside distractions. I still believe Kaepernick can turn into a fantastic QB. After all, this is actually the gunslinger’s second full season while the starter. The 49ers paid him because his ceiling is through the roof. Kaepernick gets the skills to become probably the most dangerous QB in the NFL.

Now it’s up to him to deliver. He needs to steer clear of social networking, hit the books and study defensive formations to enhance his audible calling. He wanted to get paid such as for instance a big boy, now he needs to play such as for instance a big boy.

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