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Did The Colts Jackson underinflate The Ball?



It’s come to the surface that Indianapolis Colts linebacker D’Qwell Jackson, originally considered to be the whistle-blower of DeflateGate, didn’t observe that the ball he intercepted was underinflated. This doesn’t get New England Patriots out of it yet, it is a fascinating development that has far-reaching implications.

The narrative of DeflateGate had began with Jackson intercepting Tom Brady in the 2nd quarter of the AFC Championship. Jackson then proceeded to inform his equipment manager, then he told Chuck Pagano and on and on we go. That’s how thousands of people finished up watching Bill Belichick and Brady under fire in two of the very most absurd press conferences of this century.

However the plot thickens and the confusion triples.

If Jackson didn’t notice the ball he got his mitts on was underinflated, it really makes Brady’s story more believable. Few and far between would be the times when a linebacker like Jackson gets his on the job the ball; it’s reasonable to genuinely believe that he would have noticed whether or not the ball was squishy.

It’s worth noting that Jackson has become the 2nd Colt to assert his opinion in defense of the Patriots, after Dwayne Allen’s bar of soap comments. Jackson is a wily, respected veteran in the NFL; before shooing this development away, Patriot-haters need to understand that his words carry weight.

It should also be known that a slew of other reports indicate that the NFL have to check the Patriots’ footballs anyway, making Jackson’s comments no worth talking about. But hold on.

That there are so many different reports swirling out there, without any firm evidence apart from the fact 11 of the Patriots’12 footballs were underinflated, is telling. Before, the focus was on Jackson launching the scandal, but that turned out to be completely untrue. What can we believe?

The answer: not much. Before the NFL’s investigation reaches a summary and the state word happens, DeflateGate must be considered as an item of a sports media that is starving for a meaty story in anticipation of the Super Bowl.

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