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Cowboys Need To Beat Eagles in Week 15 or they are out?


The Dallas Cowboys‘ rematch with the Philadelphia Eagles has NFC East supremacy on the line once again as a result of the Seattle Seahawks‘ dismantling of Philly last Sunday. However, Seattle’s win essentially implies that Dallas has zero margin of error in this pivotal matchup as they are currently are out from the playoffs with the Seahawks and Detroit Lions owning the tiebreaker over them.

Dallas did beat the Seahawks earlier this year, but their win means nothing as a three-way tie for the wild card spots comes down to conference record, and the Cowboys own the worst. Because of this, Week 15 may very well define the Cowboys’season as it is rather possible that maybe it’s NFC East Champs or bust for Tony Romo and co.

Although Philadelphia convincingly defeated Dallas two weeks ago, I think that the Cowboys could keep their NFC East crown hopes alive with a massive road victory on NBC’s Sunday Night Football a couple of days from now. Not only can Dallas experienced 10 days to organize instead of a measly three now, there’s just no way Romo will perform poorly twice in a three-game stretch against among the league’s worst defenses.

Let’s also keep in mind that the Thanksgiving Day matchup marked initially since the conclusion of September that Romo didn’t have a painkilling injection for his rib and back ailments. He’s since came out in the media and said he regretted not this as he was ineffective for all of the game. However, this week must certanly be different.

With only yet another game among them since their first matchup, both teams must certanly be very acquainted with one another, with Dallas actually holding the advantage. It’s quite a difficult thing for just about any defense to help keep down as talented as offensive line as the Cowboys have, and they’ll surely rebound after being manhandled two weeks ago.

Furthermore, I expect Romo to take full advantageous asset of the Eagles’suspect secondary as some other gunslingers have all season. Above all, the Cowboys’defense will have an increased sense of familiarity of what Mark Sanchez and Chip Kelly will throw at them.

Would they stop them? I truly doubt it, but they should have the ability to at least slow them down by throwing a few of the same looks at Sanchez that the Seahawks did. By the end of the day, this game truly means more to Dallas than Philadelphia today, and I look to allow them to emerge strong.

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