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Should Dana White Bring Back Paul Daley?


On May 8 2010, Paul Daley fought Josh Koscheck and lost by unanimous decision. After the fight Paul Daley sucker punched following the fight. The president of the UFC Dana White released Paul Daley immediately and said Daley is banned for life. Since that time, Paul Daley has been fighting for numerous MMA organizations such as for example Strikeforce, and now could be fighting for BAMMA. Paul Daley has been out of the UFC for over 4 years now, so the question is if the UFC lift it’s lifetime ban on Paul Daley? Well below are a few reasons why Paul Daley should take the UFC.

Paul Daley features a fan friendly style. A primary example of this may be his fight with Nick Diaz. That fight was merely a stand and trade fight where both fighters were knocked down and eventually Paul Daley was finished in the first round. Right now the welterweight division in the UFC has been a lot better than ever despite George St. Pierre sidelined by having an injury. Paul Daley probably won’t be challenging for a name but you can pair him up with fighters that match his style like why not a Nick or Nate Diaz, Matt Brown, as well as Carlos Condit when he returns from his knee injury.

Another reason Paul Daley should be back with the UFC is, there are way too many UFC shows with lackluster headliners. Paul Daley is a big enough name where you could make him the main event of a fight pass card or perhaps a fox sports 1 card.

We shouldn’t take Dana White’s words as gospel. A couple of years back, Dana White had said that women would NEVER fight in the UFC but as he said that changed when he met Ronda Rousey. Now women are fighting in the UFC and the UFC is even making another women’s division.

Paul Daley has said he learned his lesson and him and his team have contacted the UFC multiple times to use and get him to the UFC. I believe he served his time long enough.

What do you think, if the UFC recreate Paul Daley?

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