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Derrick Rose Needs To Leave Chicago Bulls


It had been announced recently that Derrick Rose has re-injured his knee and is going to be out for couple of months. This kind of injury is not going to keep him out for the season, I think, this must be the final straw for the Bulls. I believe that they ought to set Rose free and end the troublesome Rose era of Bulls’ basketball.

“Rose made his own bed, sitting when healthy last season. Rose, and the Doctor, Mgr & brother all told us sitting latter season was due to nothing physical. Nothing physical means no healing & re injury concerns.”

Seemingly, from that moment Derrick Rose has been unable to remain healthy for a protracted amount of time. Rose, with his latest injury, is set to miss over 200 games over the past 4 seasons. Everytime he returns, there’s a huge amount of hype surrounding him and every time he doesn’t live up to it and injures himself again. Derrick Rose, pressure and expectations on his shoulders is actually too much for him to handle. It’s put the Bulls constantly in and from the title race.

David Pride Freesportspicksdaaily.com writes “His MVP season is tainted by the truth that Chicago did exactly the same without Rose and Howard and LeBron both had better seasons and statistics than Rose. It had been a voting slump year.”

They’ve of a woman on ESPN Chicago explaining Derrick Rose comeback from injury. I suppose she is really a doctor.. but hey uhhhhh she seems not to know with the charts and maps and graphics they supplied her with that Derrick Rose meniscus tear isn’t on a single knee as the ACL tear.

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