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Detroit Lions 2015 Toughest Schedule Games


This might be the toughest team to gauge in NFL 2015. The San Diego Chargers have a good yet aging quarterback in Philip Rivers, yet Charges always have themselves hanging round right in the playoff picture. With the Oakland Raiders getting better, and the Denver Broncos still a dominate team solid efforts the Chargers could add another 9-7 season for their already massive collection.

These are aging quarterbacks, the Denver Broncos enter another season with Peyton Manning under center. At the very least in the Broncos’case, Manning has a screen waiting for him in the Hall of Fame. The Broncos should be described as a solid 10-12 win team, and Detroit should feel fortunate to get Denver at Ford Field.

The Oakland Raiders could have a promising campaign in 2015. Derek Carr is just a year wiser, Jack Del Rio could be the coach and Oakland could involve some exciting news concerning a brand new stadium. The Lions should be skeptical with this road contest in the Bay Area.

Punished by the salary cap and possibly bereft of transcendent TE production, the New Orleans Saints are certainly a wild card. Yet, in 2014 the Lions gave the Saints a memorably painful defeat, and this should be a lot of motivation for Drew Brees and company to create their best.

Few teams have imploded in the offseason quite just like the San Francisco 49ers. I don’t know if they are going to be competitive without Jim Harbaugh, and who knows if they’ll set up a battle in their 2015 game contrary to the Lions held in Detroit.

The Kansas City Chiefs are another team with a great coach in Andy Reid. Whatever the visceral reactions Reid may provoke, he’s Kansas City heading in the best direction. With this London game being played seven time zones from Detroit, it won’t be described as a gimme for the Lions.

The Philadelphia Eagles are probably the most amorphous team in the NFL. Chip Kelly making some big moves that would make Walter White turn himself in the DEA. The Eagles could be anything from Super Bowl contenders to the Washington Redskins’ closest contemporaries.

There’s no reason the defending NFC champs couldn’t be the most effective team in the conference this season. The Seattle Seahawks just got tight end Jimmy Graham for their offense, and Russell Wilson only going to get better he heads into his fourth year.

The Lions’ most heated division rival may also produce a repeat run to the NFC championship. The Green Bay Packers have a top QB in the league with Aaron Rodgers and an array of receiving threats combined with the downhill-running Eddie Lacy who could see if the Lions’No. 1 rushing defense is going to be up to task once again.


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