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Frank Gore Heading to The Indianapolis Colts


Until the signature is on the contract, this isn’t a done deal. It appears the Philadelphia Eagle have discovered that the hard way. It appeared that Frank Gore had a done deal that would take him to the Eagles to replace LeSean McCoy, but it seems that way may isn’t going to be the case. Gore has cold feet to make this deal, and is reportedly “intent” on signing with the Indianapolis Colts in accordance with Mike Garafolo.

If that’s true, it would have been a HUGE pickup for the Colts. The problem has been their weakness at the running back position, and this would be the perfect fit because of this Colts team. Gore is the sort of back that would easily fit in Indianapolis, and the combination with Andrew Luck may make this offense nearly unstoppable.

Luck powered the team to the top ranked passing offense in the league last season, but he did not have enough support from the running backs to win in the playoffs.

Gore is 31, but still features a good season or two of football left in him. The Colts should really be legitimate Super Bowl contenders for the next handful of seasons, and adding Gore only helps their cause.

The Colts are a much better fit compared to the Eagles for Gore, because they run a more traditional offensive system, as opposed to the Eagle’s high tempo attack.

Last season with the 49ers, Gore rushed for 1,106 yards and four touchdowns on 255 carries. He seems intent on joining the Colts, and when it becomes official, be cautious about this team come playoff time.

Tom Sells Freesportspicksdaily.com writes “Please sign with Indy, Philly doesn’t need a washed up 32 yr. old RB. He’s little if any one of a marked improvement over Polk right now. Hopefully dirty Sanchez “reconsiders” and signs somewhere else too. I don’t think I possibly could handle a season of butt fumbles McGee handing it off to old man winter.”

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