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Are We going to see Seattle Supersonics Again in The Future?

NBA teams seem to be the newest hot commodity among billionaires as their values seem to skyrocket to unseen heights. Need proof? Look no further compared to the Milwaukee Bucks. The Bucks were sold for $550 million earlier this year. Yes, those Milwaukee Bucks. The exact same bucks who haven’t been relevant since Ray Allen played there. The exact same team that’s is resides underneath the Wisconsin Badgers, Green Bay Packers, Marquette University Athletics, and Milwaukee Brewers on the Wisconsin sports totem pole. Just what exactly did the Clippers fetch following the Donald Sterling fiasco? A cool $2 billion. Wait what!? The Clippers are worth $2 billion? The customer should be rolling in it. As a matter of fact he is former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. Here’s where things get a little interesting for Seattle Supersonics.

Steve Ballmer isn’t any stranger to the procedure of trying to acquire. He made a valiant effort in attempting to save the Seattle Supersonics. Ballmer was willing to commit $150 million towards a complete of $300 million to renovate Key Arena (the former home of the Sonics). He was also prepared to get the team. Unfortunately Ballmer was too late to save Seattle’s basketball team. The outcome? Theft. The Seattle Supersonics were stolen by Clay Bennett in probably the most egregious heist in sports history (I recommend you watch Sonicsgate for the total story).

Since that time, Ballmer has continued the effort to come back the NBA to Seattle. In 2012, Ballmer backed Seattle businessman Chris Hansen being an investor for a proposed new arena. He continued to back Hansen once the number of investors attempted to get the Sacramento Kings with the intention of moving the team to Seattle. That eventually failed. But today, Ballmer succeed in his quest your can purchase an NBA team. He bought the Clippers and has agreed  to help keep the team in Los Angeles as part of the terms of the purchase. Ballmer gains a team and Seattle loses a key figure in their look for an NBA franchise.

So now what? It’s been seven years since Seattle has already established an NBA team. Every attempt to create a team back again to the city has been grounded by the league. The NBA seems content with keeping Seattle as their leverage for other NBA cities. The old “build us a new arena or we’ll move your team to Seattle” move made famous by the NFL and their Los Angeles threat. With a new media deal coming, the NBA isn’t in virtually any hurry to accomplish any favors for Seattle. Seattle now has to accomplish two things: get the newest arena built and expect an NBA expansion. Until then, basketball fans in Seattle will have to continue to endure the outcomes of an offense without justice. They will have to witness a stolen legacy in Oklahoma City. They will have to continue to endure without an NBA team. They will have to hope and endure for the years ahead.


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