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How Will Dallas Cowboys Finish the Season Without Romo

Dallas Cowboys

In Week 2 of the NFL season, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo suffered a damaged clavicle after being driven into the ground on a huge sack. Irrespective of how optimistic fans elect to be concerning the Cowboys losing their veteran gunslinger, there’s certainly no way they are able to survive this loss so early in the 2015 campaign.

It had been looking bad for the Cowboys after the injury to star receiver Dez Bryant out with a damaged foot, which was expected to keep him out for about two months. Without Toney under center, the Cowboys’ offensive options look even worse. The running game is unreliable with Darren McFadden and Joseph Randle posing inconsistent threats. The offensive line can be a bonus, however the passing game now looks subpar at best.

If the Cowboys can have the ability to beat Atlanta, New Orleans, NY Giants, Tampa Bay and Miami I think those are winnable games maybe Philly in Dallas on Nov 8th, that’s a possible 8-2 or 7-3 record.  I am aware it’s all optimism but this team is an actual “team” and in the NFC East its not unrealistic!

The main tool they have to win the NFC East is 3 other crappy teams in the division.

I think the Cowboys have underestimated their particular defensive capabilities. Sean Lee when healthy is a leading LB and proper Rolando McLain comes back, they are able to create plenty of havoc. If the Cowboys can make due until early October when Hardy and Gregory come back, the Cowboys can be considered an 11-5 team. Garrett and JJ have the talent to be contenders during this stretch without Romo and Bryant.

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