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Is it time for Michael Vick to hang his boots as 2015 NFL season gets over?

Michael Vick

Watching Michael Vick has always been a feast for many eyes and this experience has been rejoiced by many of us for years. This Monday night football leading the Pittsburgh Steelers to a amazing victory 24-20 over San Diego Chargers was quite an achievement. However it is quite clear that Michael Vick’s career is almost coming to an end with the conclusion of the 2015 NFL season. It is unlikely that he would be lucky enough to renew his contract and play in 2016 NFL season. Though this is not something which Vick’s fans ready to accept as they certainly say that he was like a rocket launcher in Monday’s game and he can never get rusted. But again each player has his time and one fine day they need to call it off with grace and on a right high.

Michael Vick has pulled off uncounted games and he is star player and there is no doubt to it now what matters is whether he is able to make a roster next year or not. The fact to rejoice this year is he is winning great games and that is what his focus is at this time. He is one of the best back up in the NFL and is much better than Matt Stafford and this is what people openly talk about. We all would agree that with the box scores there is much left in Vick and he has much to perform and show his mettle to his fans. So, if we look at the four games with Pittsburgh this season Vick’s completion percentage [63.8] is superb and looks above his career completion percentage [56.2]. With these being pointed out it is clear the Steelers only dial pass plays and that is what offers them high chances of success. Yes, Vick rarely air it out and this is just because he has no arm for it and anyone watching the game against chargers would witness that Vick’s arm strength and accuracy are below than any other player who should be starting under center on a weekly basis. This is something which makes a big point here and experts would even agree to it as one needs to realise his strength and weakness and accordingly play and give it to the team.

So this is time for Vick to get more wins for Steelers and With Ben Roethlisberger expected to be out until at least Week 8, Vick has all the reasons to lead the team to great victories. Still it is doubtful if Vick will secure his birth in NFL roster 2016 however our best wishes are with him.

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