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Are The Jets Going to Draft Winston?


Sometimes each time a player is incredibly good but has too many off the field issues, it’s far better just keep them way from your mind. The New York Jets are in an interesting situation heading into this offseason with an enormous question mark concerning their quarterbacks. There’s no guarantee Michael Vick will undoubtedly be around, and Geno Smith is actually not the answer. Both quarterbacks played terrible earlier this season and lacked the consistency required to become a franchise type of quarterback the Jets desperately need.

While it’s expected that the Jets will surely want to answer their quarterback issues through free agency, they may take another route and use their 6th first-round pick in the 2015 NFL Draft for a quarterback. While anything can happen between now and then, one quarterback that numerous analysts predict it’s still available when the Jets are on the clock is Jameis Winston.

Winston is without question extremely talented on the field but truth of the situation is, he’s too much of a risk to take because of his off the field antics. Whether it’s all of the allegations, stealing or the major misconduct he has been doing within the last couple of years, the Jets need to remain far from him.

The Jets are really critical rebuilding phase, as they are building the pieces must be a competitor again. They’re still trying to find the proper general manager and head coach to help bring better leadership to the team and eventually will have to do the exact same for an established quarterback.

Drafting Winston would have been a huge mistake by the Jets, because it’d only regress the franchise backwards, and not forward. Many would prefer to they get someone established like Brian Hoyer, Jay Cutler or even Christian Ponder for example before bringing in what would have been a debacle of a new player in Winston.

Whether many believe it or not, he could be the Johnny Football with this upcoming draft. There’s too much media attention around him, and undoubtedly all of the baggage this guy brings to this team. Drafting Winston is going to bring many distractions towards his future off the field antics that’ll surely come with him. He will surely allow fame arrive at him and put more effort into doing dumb things as opposed to evolving as an NFL quarterback.

Overall, the Jets need to head in the proper direction and Winston wouldn’t bring that to the table. If things got that beyond control at Florida State, you can only imagine what type of problems would arise should he be the following quarterback of the Jets in the biggest sports market in the world. It’s in the best interest of the Jets to remain far from him, and either trade the pick, or go after another person that won’t bring all of the headaches Winston would unleash.


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