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Johnny Manziel: From Rising Star to Troubled Star

Johnny Manziel

Johnny Manziel has had the world on the platter since his days at Texas A&M. He was scrambling away from pass rushers, throwing touchdown bombs down the field and rushing for touchdowns. The “Money Sign” became a part of college football lore. Everyone thought Johnny Football’s star would shine even brighter once he was drafted by the Cleveland Browns. His jersey sold off the shelves before he stepped on an NFL field. He was also in a Snickers commercial before he played a down in the NFL. But, with his fame, Manziel has had his share of his problems on and off the field. Manziel has an extensive history with alcohol abuse. He went to rehab during the Browns offseason last year, but it hasn’t helped him at all. In fact, it has gotten worse for Manziel.

Johnny Manziel

This past season, Manziel has been in trouble with the law. Manziel was pulled over by the police in Ohio after an altercation his girlfriend. It was suspected alcohol was involved, but the police didn’t file any charges. At the end of the season, it was reported that Manziel missed concussion protocol, and was spotted in Las Vegas wearing a disguise and using the name Billy. But, recent reports surfaced that the Browns sent Johnny away because he showed up to the concussion protocol drunk. Now, Manziel has by caught up in another scandal in his home state Texas, where he was drunk (and possibly) high assaulted and threatened to kill his ex-girlfriend Collen Crowley and himself. She has filed a restraining order against Manziel. He is going on a downward spiral, not only in his career but his life.

It would be in the Browns’ best interest to cut ties with Johnny. He needs to hit rock bottom in order to wake up. But, he shouldn’t just play for the Browns in 2016, but he shouldn’t play a game in the NFL. The rate that Manziel is going now, he’ll either be dead or in prison. Pro Football Hall of Famer Cris Carter credits Buddy Ryan cutting him from the Eagles in order for him to get his life together and stop abusing drugs. Maybe that is what Johnny may need to get his own life together. One of his former Aggies teammates can relate to what he’s going through.

Super Bowl 50 MVP Von

Super Bowl 50 MVP Von Miller sent out a touching message to Manziel on Instagram after the Denver Broncos defeated the Carolina Panthers in the Super Bowl Sunday.

Von Miller’s Message to Johnny:

“I Love you fam! Grind, get back to Johnny all the ags know and love, Grind bro, 2yrs ago they counted me out, 2yrs frm now you can do the same!! Support no matter what!#love @jmanziel2”

Miller went through a hectic situation at A&M. He was suspended six games for violating the substance abuse policy. But, Miller worked his way back up, and he was selected 2nd in the 2011 NFL Draft behind Cam Newton. Now, he has turned into one of, if not the best, linebacker in the league. He is also a Super Bowl Champion and a Super Bowl MVP. If Manziel can battle his demons, he can be a good NFL player. But, if he doesn’t accept accountability for his actions, he won’t just be failure on the field but a failure in life.

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