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Mavericks Contenders Now with Rondo Trade


The Dallas Mavericks were already on the short set of teams that could realistically compete for an NBA title this season. They’ve now been bumped up a couple of spots carrying out a trade for Rajon Rondo.

Although Rondo and his expiring contract only add up to ‘rental’status at the moment, that could change down the road. Even before the trade was agreed upon, rumors of Rondo being ready to sign on long-term had already emerged. It was being said he would entertain signing a fresh contract if he were traded to the Mavs or Rockets.

“Rondo was not the focal point of a team’s offense until the Celtics broke up the aging cast from the title team. When Allen, Pierce, and Garnett were there he was 4th on the totem pole and flourished. This entire article doesn’t even take that in… literally… Rondo changed his game after 3 great scorers left the team and he HAD to dominate the ball.”

While a fresh contract is surely a possibility for the PG in Dallas, it doesn’t seem likely an agreement is going to be reached anytime soon. Just based on the undeniable fact that Rondo is going to be starting a fresh chapter with a fresh team during the middle of a season, you wouldn’t think he’d be willing lock himself into that situation right away.

Imagine if he doesn’t like Dallas? Imagine if he hates his new teammates?

But assuming that everyone gets along and that the Mavs play around their potential the remaining portion of the season, you’ve to believe a long-term extension is really a real possibility.

We won’t truly manage to give this deal a grade until Rondo’s future is decided. Just based about what we all know concerning the players and picks involved, a great ‘B’seems appropriate right now. But if the Mavs start putting a lot of Ws on the board in 2015, create a deep playoff run and ultimately ink Rondo to a lengthy new contract — then we’re talking about an ‘A’grade.

For the time being, Mavs fans must certanly be ecstatic about their chances the remaining portion of the way this season.

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