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MLB Video News – Clayton Kershaw Biggest Deal MLB History


The Los Angeles Dodgers’ Clayton Kershaw has set a new record of for himself: He is now officially the highest paid pitcher in the history of the MLB.

Kershaw has just signed a new 7-year, $215 million contract, this now makes the two-time Cy Young award-winner the first $200 million-plus pitcher in Major League Baseball history, and his salary of $30.7 million is a record for any baseball player.

“Baseball is a complete JOKE. Giving these players this kind of money is ridiculous and only certain teams can even afford this….I hope while I’m still on this earth , that they figure out please how to get a salary cap into baseball and make it an even playing surface for all….PLEASE. They’re ruining a Great Game. ”

“Big winner today … me,” tweeted his catcher, AJ Ellis. “I am blessed to catch best in game for foreseeable future, God willing.”

“30 Million a year for a starting pitcher who will appear in games a maximum of 35 times a year depending on playoffs”

The 25-year-old left-hander is “the highest-paid pitcher of all time, and it still feels like he’s underpaid,” Ellis tells the Los Angeles Times. He might have been able to get an even better deal as a free agent, but “it would have been a huge distraction the entire season,” Ellis says. “You wouldn’t have been able to get through a series, or a start, without somebody wanting to talk to him about it. Clayton doesn’t need distractions while he’s performing. He’s single-minded. I think it’s great for everybody that it worked out.” –

Tyson Quisano Don’t doubt the Dodger’s willingness to spend a lot of money. After all, right after the huge Boston trade, they went ahead and spent over $100 million on Greinke last offseason.

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