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NBA News – Bobcats Looking to Shop Ben Gordon


Last season there was a little of an issue in Charlotte as a result of former head coach Mike Dunlap wasn’t enjoying the veterans, including Ben Gordon. Well, the Bobcats have now played thirty six games in the 2013-14 regular season and Gordon has not been part of Steve Clifford’s rotation for most of it. In fact, he has received five consecutive DNP-CD’s. It ought to return as no surprise that Charlotte is reportedly shopping Gordon.

I think a Carlos Boozer, Ben Gordon swap would make the bobcats much better since they don’t have, Cody Zeller is raw and miles way of being playoff caliber, a PF and the bulls rebuilding plan could work without Boozer’s contract also Gordon played very well in his Chicago years, he’d bring 3PS and a offensive mind much needed in Chicago now that the Bulls traded Deng.

According to Alex Kennedy of Hoopsworld, the Bobcats want to trade for someone who can help them make the playoffs and using Gordon’s $13.2 million salary will be used to accomplish that goal.

Gordon and his expiring contract is clearly not part of Charlotte’s future and the team will likely buyout his deal by Mar. 1 if they can’t trade him by the Feb. 20 deadline. Gordon should draw interest from playoff teams if he is set free during the season.

If the Bobcats are willing to pay Boozer a trade of Boozer for Gordon straight up would work and would benefit both teams. But I doubt Bobcats are willing to pay Boozer for the next year and a half.

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