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NBA News – Mavs’ Looking to Make a Trade for Bynum


Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said that he wants to improve the Mavericks roster, but there will be no  blockbuster trades prior to the trade deadline.

OK, so if you’re not happy that the Mavs haven’t “made moves,” what would you have done? I really don’t see how Cuban could have made significantly better choices given the circumstances faced. He went after every elite superstar in free agency, kept the team financially flexible for trade opportunities, and signed guys that have performed well this year (particularly Calderon and Ellis.)

“We’re always exploring, but it’s also harder to do deals now just because of the rules,” Cuban said, referencing the sometimes-restrictive collective-bargaining agreement. “But we’re always wide-open. We’ll do the deal that we need to do to accomplish what we need to accomplish.”

Cubes needs to understand that he has a couple valuable chips on his roster. Marion should bring in a nice haul. Vinsanity is a cheap, nice player that can get a decent return. Then, players on minimum contacts for 1 year, like Blair and Harris, should get some nice pieces. At this point, it’s about asset collection.

“It’s not to say we wouldn’t consider him,” Cuban said. “But we’ll look at everybody and make a determination. Any free agent, we can only offer them the minimum.”

Other teams out there can offer Bynum more than that. Plus, Cuban feels that they have a viable center in Samuel Dalembert, at least when he’s on top of his game.

“Depends on which Sam we have,” Cuban said. “If we have the Sam of [Friday, when Dalembert had nine points, eight boards and three blocks], we’re good. If we have the Sam that isn’t as on key as he was [Friday] night, it’s different.”

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