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Should NFL Expand Playoffs To 14 Teams

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell answers questions during a news conference at the conclusion of the league’s

The phrase “any given Sunday” takes new meaning in the playoffs. The Seattle Seahawks made the playoffs in 2010 despite a losing record, and upset the defending Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints in the Wild Card round. Adding two more teams would increase the amount of competition tremendously in the playoffs.

With the existing playoff format in the NFL, the very best team from either conference only must win two home games to reach the Super Bowl. If more teams are added, it’d establish another step toward achieving the Super Bowl. A bigger playoff run would signify that the absolute most deserving teams are playing for an NFL championship.

Teams such as the Philadelphia Eagles (10-6), Houston Texans (9-7), and Buffalo Bills (9-7) finished the growing season with better records compared to 7-8-1 Carolina Panthers, and must have a go at making some noise in the playoffs. The addition of two playoff teams would eliminate the chance of a team with double-digit wins watching the playoffs from the couch.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has proven he is about the money and increasing league revenue — as he should. Expanding the playoffs from 12 to 14 teams would add another game to the playoff schedule, which may make a substantial number of revenue from TV rights, advertising, ticket sales, etc.

Who doesn’t want more football? America is hooked on football, and another playoff game would satisfy that craving much more than the standard 12-team format. The standard season and playoffs only last four months out from the year, so the least the NFL could do is add another playoff game or two to make the other eight months of the season less miserable. Fans want more football.

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