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Patriots Ready To Score A lot When They Take On Seahawks


On Super Bowl Sunday, the New England Patriots will undoubtedly be facing an extremely hungry Seattle Seahawks team. Seattle will soon be seeking to prove that they may repeat, while the Patriots will soon be out to prove they’re the dominant superpower in the NFL. For the Patriots to get that, they are going to have to put up points against the  Seahawk defense. Let’s take a peek at five explanations why they will do this successfully in Super Bowl XLIX.

A reactionary defense is an average defense in the NFL, and that’s just what the Seahawks might be reduced to on Super Bowl Sunday if the Patriots stay balanced offensively. If the Seahawks cannot figure out what’s coming at them, a defense that prides itself on attacking and being one step in front of the offense could seem like a shell of itself on Feb. 1. If this is the way, the Patriots will put up points in bunches.

These are balance, LeGarrette Blount will have to be considered a big part of this strategy on game day. To do that, she must run with authority, consistently attaining the second and third degree of the defense. If he is able to break some tackles and get to the exterior, injuries in the Seattle secondary could allow him to break off some long power runs. Mixing that with play action may be another deadly weapon in the Patriots’offensive arsenal.

As previously stated, injuries in the Seattle secondary could end up being a major element in this year’s Super Bowl. If these Patriots get the advantage properly, they could easily gain the upper-hand with players like Rob Gronkowski, LeGarrette Blount, Julian Edelman, etc. in the open field. Those guys are incredibly tough to bring down with just arm tackles. If Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas aren’t healthy, they will be able to capitalize.

Rob Gronkowski has perhaps the most to achieve against the Seattle battered secondary. The way to stop Gronkowski is always to jam him and hit him at the line of scrimmage. If guys like Sherman cannot play at full strength, this could limit how they go about how physical they will be able to be with Gronk. Add in his motivation to illuminate the Seahawks (more specifically Jeremy Lane), and he could play such as a man possessed on Super Bowl Sunday.

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