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Paul Pierce Couple Years Left – Who Will He Sign With?


So where does Paul Pierce go from here? From the tone of his post game interview yesterday after losing yet another playoff series to a team led by LeBron James, Pierce had this to say.

“I believe I still have something in the tank I will give a team,” he added. Maybe one or two (years) at the most. Although we didn’t accomplish our goals, you got to understand from it and see coming in next season, whether I will undoubtedly be here, or guys coming in, they got to realize that here is the precedent that individuals set. So going forward, for the business, making the initial round this past year, making the second round, I believe the business is heading in the right direction.”

Doesn’t sound just like a guy who’s focused on being a Brooklyn Net for the others of his career. And rightfully so.

There’s good reason to believe that the past two years of his career, Pierce is attempting to put himself on a championship-caliber team where he doesn’t need to do just as much heavy lifting which was required of him in Brooklyn.

Although rookie coach Jason Kidd tried to rest him as much as he could during the normal season, there was way too many times through the season where Pierce was depended on to transport an offensive load for the night. That sector of Pierce’s career is more or less over.

To put it plainly, Pierce was a shell of his hall of fame career self in 2010 in mention of averaging career lows more or less over the board.

And it’s not necessarily his fault. Father Time is definitely coming for Paul Pierce and it’ll be magic if he’s able to play out these next two years injury-free which he says he plans to.

This is the reason Pierce needs to locate a fit for him that is comparable to the fit former teammate Ray Allen found for himself. If that Miami core stays together for the next 5 years…10 years…whatever….Allen would still manage to ball with those guys given he has a part that is perfectly fitted to his game at this stage in his career.

Allen’s role on Miami would be to shoot 3’s. That’s more or less it. Earlier on in his Milwaukee Buck days, Allen was a top flying, penetrating, shot creating, complete offensive threat. In the latter section of his career, he has really honed in on the shooting aspect, rebranding himself as a knockdown shooter.

Pierce is having a rougher time “rebranding” because there’s really nothing he can rebrand into.

Paul Pierce knows how to play one of the ways and that’s attacking the hole, drawing fouls, working the defender to get to his spots on the ground so he can hit his patented mid-range jumper.

Those aspects of his game aren’t going to alter and he’s likely to try to play like this for the others of his career. Like stated before, Pierce needs a situation where he doesn’t must be depended on just as much to help carry the offensive load.

Or hey, maybe will do the unthinkable and play out the others his career in the city where he started all of it: Boston.

“Yeah, why don’t you?” Pierce said when asked if he would possibly play for the Celtics again. “Maybe as a new player, maybe as a coach. Who knows what the near future holds?”

Who knows?

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