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Ray Lewis Comments on Patriots are a Joke- Go Away Ray


Ray Lewis is really a prideful man who holds the activity of football in the highest regard. To Lewis, the overall game is approximately RESPECT and INTEGRITY. Ray believes in WORKING HARD and PLAYING THE GAME THE RIGHT WAY. And what sort of Patriots had deflated footballs in the AFC Championship Game from the Colts didn’t sit well with the former Baltimore Ravens linebacker.

Lewis Taked to ESPN’s Pro Bowl pregame show Sunday and shared his black-and-white opinion of deflategate.

“Each time we talk about the Patriots, you’ve the Patriots fans … you obtain all the talk about the jealous of these and all that. I won two Super Bowls, I’ve been Defensive Player of the Year, I’ve been MVP of the Super Bowl, I’ve went to New England and won … so I’m not jealous of these at all,” Lewis said.

“But the integrity with this game. Marshawn Lynch … the league clearly thought to him, ‘In the event that you come from the tunnel with those shoes on, we won’t only suspend you with this game, but we will suspend you for the Super Bowl.’ Now we’re back at another place where we let a team enter an AFC Championship, and if it’s proven they used deflated balls … because if it’s not cheating, then your Colts should have had exactly the same choice to play with exactly the same balls. So we’re at a place now where we’re likely to celebrate an organization once more, put an asterisk by it, because they went into a championship game.

Lewis was involved with a double murder…he must disappear completely, the filthy animal.

Tom Sells of sportsdiary365.com writes  “Maybe somebody not involved with a double murder and ped’s should not be referring to integrity. you got your path back into playing in the NFL and those of whose remember know your I came across God act is simply that. innocent people do not plead guilty a lesser charge or pay off the victims family.”

“I believe it is important to review all information when you make comments as strong as the ones Ray Lewis made. Firstly the integrity of the overall game, really? especially coming from the Ravens. Ravens Haloti Ngata suspended for 4 games for testing positive for performance enhancing drugs,. Hey Ray, you made a miraculous recovery from torn bicepts through your last year in the league. I’m sure it absolutely was the deer antler spray. Discuss fair play? give me a break. You’ve no credibility and should be taken off TV. Your not jealous of the patriots? Really? I suppose you’re right, the planet might have never been aware of Tom Brady without the tuck rule. Your a Joke please disappear completely – but do people a benefit and stay away from night clubs in Atlanta.”


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