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Should Red Sox Let go of Jon Lester?


The Red Sox haven’t put it together in 2010, which their 31-38 record shows. That puts them 9 games back in the American League East. If this trend continues and the Red Sox drop out of contention in July the question will undoubtedly be raised, if the Red Sox trade Jon Lester?

Jon Lester is a huge stable figure in the rotation to date into the year as he’s posted a record of 7-7 with an ERA of 3.33. This is the contract year for Lester, that will be worrying to Red Sox fans. Fans simply look back to last offseason when their prized center fielder jumped ship to visit the Yankees.

Undeniably, Jon Lester is a vital asset to the Red Sox organization as a whole. He was drafted by them in 2002 and is one of many few guys the Red Sox can say hasn’t played for another team. it will be absolutely foolish if the Red Sox were to trade Lester. Here are a few reasons:

1. He is the ace of the staff. There’s no body else that the Sox can turn to with this team and feel good about them being the ace. Buchholz, Peavy, Workman, and Lackey all have their moments, but Jon Lester is just a true ace.

2. If anyone has forgotten last October, I’ll remind you of the clinic Jon Lester put on. In every postseason start Lester pitched his heart out and it showed. He has been put down together of the finest postseason starters in Red Sox history for his performance. In the 2013 World Series alone in 2 starts he carried a 0.53 ERA and acquired two wins in the series.

3. Red Sox are beginning to forget they’re a big market team. This new front office in Boston has done great things up to now, but when Lester leaves town for more cash elsewhere, the Sox will undoubtedly be questioned about how precisely these were outbid previously 2 yrs on two of these most beloved players.

In the long run, Jon Lester really wants to play in Boston. He is a hometown favorite and he has shown his desire to carry on his career in Boston. The Red Sox will always need an ace no matter where they’re in the standings. If the Red Sox plan on trading him for prospects it would truly be described as a disaster. Why trade proven talent for potential talent?


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