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Rob Gronkowski Best NFL Tight End in The League


1. Rob Gronkowski The New England Patriots. This boy looks huge. A real force of nature, more like a runaway train, always in heavy rotation, has suffered from numerous physical problems that have delayed the total exposition of his skills.

2. Vernon Davis, S. Francisco 49ers. Vernon Davis is an explosive athlete who saw production increase exponentially in 2013, when Colin Kaepernick was forced to rely on the experience to handle the lack of Michael Crabtree. 13 touchdowns are amassed savings, showing great consistency, a reckless mindset and an exceptional body control, which cause them to have receptions that seem impassively.

3. Jason Witten, Dallas Cowboys. Jason Witten is consistent and durable, always playing, aside from physical condition, and maintaining a remarkable production in its 11 seasons. It is a smart and tough, able to sustain aggressive pass rushers blocker. It’s rarely used in pass protector, but has tremendous usefulness as a secretary in the run game. Very technical player, stands at the center of the field, where he established his dominion.

4. Greg Olsen, Carolina Panthers – Greg Olsen  is a wonderful weapon attack, with athleticism, speed and excellent time jumping that make it a genuine threat as receiver. Like the majority of members of the list, Olsen is not a primary blocker, those that can be utilized reliably in OL. In 2013 achieved the maximum career with 73 receptions, proving how valuable it became Cameron Newton. It is a false slow having its 250 pounds a fool who must defend. Posseses an excellent begin from the scrimmage.

5. Jordan Cameron, Cleveland Browns Jordan Cameron having swiftly become a popular of fantasy players by their high initial production. Quite athletic, having an excellent selection of action, attacking the ball at the greatest point easily, consistently beating defenders.

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