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Ronda Rousey: Over-Promoted Then, Coddled Now

Ronda Rousey

On August 1st, 2015, Ronda Rousey defended her bantamweight title against Bethe Correia at UFC 190. Despite being a nearly twenty-to-one favorite, the win was seen, by many, as enough to elevate Rousey into “greatest of all-time” talks. Rousey promptly defeated the Brazilian challenger via KO in thirty-four seconds, to the surprise of only the most uninformed fans, and in the post-fight interview, Joe Rogan called her “a true once-in-a-lifetime human being”. Granted, Rogan of course witnessed the fight live, and there had to have been some adrenaline pumping— the style of the win was impressive.

But the media that constantly supports and promotes Rousey doesn’t work for the UFC, and also doesn’t watch her fight live and in-person. For whatever reason, though, every single Hollywood executive and famous actor continues to adamantly tout and hype Rousey—perhaps because they are so heavily invested in her image.

The UFC’s own promotion and hype didn’t help the media’s response—or the public opinion of Rousey. Amidst all of the hype about her skills in relation to those of her opponents, there has been a great deal of additional talk about Rousey finding success in completely unrealistic and incredibly challenging “dream matchups”. UFC President Dana White claimed that Rousey could defeat Floyd Mayweather in a fight. Joe Rogan claimed that Rousey could beat 50% or more of the men’s UFC bantamweight division. Ronda Rousey, before the Holm fight, voiced her interest in someday competing in a boxing contest (and was featured on the COVER of The Ring, a publication dedicated to promoting the sport of boxing and boxing competitors).

Simply put, it was clear to many that Rousey was and is completely overrated. Imagine the backlash that current UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz would absorb if he claimed that he could beat Mayweather. The negative press would be ridiculous, and there would also be a ton of people doubting the validity of this claim. Cruz is one of the best fighters of all time, and Mayweather would certainly present, at the very least, a formidable challenge to him; how would Rousey defeat Mayweather?

The UFC and the media overplayed almost every aspect of Rousey’s career, but in November of 2015, at UFC 193, everything would come crashing down—or so most fans thought, following the fight.

Holly Holm, in short, dominated Rousey. The massive underdog used her range and boxing—things which Rousey and her promoters had claimed her to be an expert of—to pepper Rousey, until finishing the fight with a massive head kick in the second round. Rousey was convincingly defeated, and that should have been the end of her constant push from the media.

But it wasn’t. Instead, it appeared as though Rousey received a promotion of sorts! The constant clamoring of her skills died down, but she was more prevalent than ever. Rousey, in the months following her loss, was attached to a film project with Tina Fey, Do Nothing Bitches, hosted an episode of Saturday Night Live, posed in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, booked a large endorsement gig with Bud Light, and continued to pursue talks related to her previously planned projects.

That seems like quite a bit for someone who was viciously knocked out in her main ticket to fame and profession, right?

Moreover, these ridiculously beneficial projects are further amplified by the nonsensical angle that the media has taken over Rousey, trying to elicit sympathy from viewers (as if every person watching is a complete and total moron). Rousey claimed that she considered suicide after the Holm loss while speaking on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

It’s so incredibly ridiculous and unacceptable for Rousey, who told Bethe Correia “not to cry” after knocking her out cold and refused to shake Miesha Tate’s hand after defeating her once again, to try to make everyone else feel bad for her losing! She showed no such support and sportsmanship for the fighters who she defeated in vicious fashion, and they didn’t have multi-million dollar film and endorsement deals to look forward to!

Sorry, everyone—even after the ridiculous hype and nonsensical promotion of Rousey before the loss, it appears as though there is plenty more on the way. The most upsetting part of it all, undoubtedly, is how the media attempts to shove it down everyone’s throat, as if Rousey, the woman who was overhyped for so long and definitely defeated so many opponents before showing them no respect, deserves to be honored as some sort of star and victim.

Nonsense—complete and total nonsense.

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