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Saying Goodbye to Steve Nash


Steve Nash hasn’t really played professional basketball in a significant while. His nerve-damaged back and myriad lower body injuries had long since made it clear that the former Phoenix Suns great may likely never lace up his hoopin’ sneakers again. Getting the state announcement on the weekend, though, still stung.

“I hate that people knock stars that don’t have NBA Championship ring. It’s making them think like they didn’t accomplish anything else. Rondo has a ring but if I had to choose between the two it would be Nash in his prime over rondo any day.’

Nash was basically impossible to protect, despite being just 6’1” and no explosive athlete by NBA standards. Nash’s off-the-dribble shots were the best in league excellent that opponents had to try to stick to him like glue. The problem was: if you stuck with Nash like that, he could work with a screen or cross you over and get the little edge he needed to find yourself in the paint for a floater or even a flashy pass to a teammate for a SportsCenter-leading dunk.

Thomas Harmer of sportsdiary365.com writes “He robbed the Lakers out of the a year ago of his contract. Yes, players get hurt, but a players responsibility while under contract is to accomplish everything possible to get back on the court. But what did Nash do? He faked a right back injury before the season started (claimed it simply happened while lifting a suitcase) and then claimed it’d cause him to miss the entire season. The Lakers may have and should have sued him for each and every penny of that 9.7 million back.”

Many fans hold Nash’s insufficient a championship ring against him, but NASH never had a dominant defensive big man. The road to an NBA title built around one of the smallest guys on the court typically requires at the very top defense and Nash’s teams just never had them. Still, despite his team’s limitations, Nash made it to four Conference Finals (one with Dallas and three with Phoenix) in a beastly Western Conference that continues to grind up teams to this day.

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