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St. Louis Rams Faces Some Tough Teams In 2015


The St. Louis Rams were surprisingly competitive last season, and head coach Jeff Fisher appears like he has a few more bullets left in his barrel. Could they make the playoffs next year with a retooled roster, a healthy Sam Bradford and plenty of motivation? Absolutely. Here are some teams they might face during a potential playoff run.

I bet you the Chicago Bears wish they’d signed head coach Bruce Arians a few seasons ago, but the Arizona Cardinals benefitted from Bears ineptitude. This will be tough call between the Rams and Cardinals in the postseason, but I’d go with Arizona.

Another NFC East teams may appear more likely to make the playoffs, but I wouldn’t rule out a resurgence from Eli Manning and the New York Giants. Head coach Tom Coughlin has a method of turning things around when they look bleak, and I would love watching the Rams embarrass the youngest Manning brother.

Will the Detroit Lions regret cutting Reggie Bush? They probably won’t, when he was incapable of score any receiving TDs last season. But Calvin “Megatron” Johnson should really be healthy once more, and so I’m betting on the Lions to make it out from the NFC North.

The Carolina Panthers had no business being in last season’s playoffs, but Cam Newton should return from his latest injury with a lot to prove. He has a body that is able to withstand quite a lot of punishment, and a healthier version of the QB would be hard for the Rams to bring down in a postseason game.

This could nearly be considered a rematch of the New England Patriots and “The Greatest Show on Turf,” The Rams and Patriots in a Super Bowl once again. Tom Brady would secure his invest NFL history with yet another ring.

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