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Which Team is The Best in NFL Right Now?


Heading into Week 15, there is so much controversy over the best team in the NFL. There’s been so much improvement by the most effective teams in the NFL offensively and defensively. In accordance with ESPN’s NFL Power Rankings the Green Bay Packers are (1), but there could be other teams better.

First off, the Patriots have been in 2nd because they suffered a 26-21 loss at Green Bay 2-3 weeks ago. Second, the Packers are one of many worst teams in passing and rushing defense (20th passing) and (25th rushing). As we look on the other side the Packers have one of the best offenses in the NFL as well (6th passing) and (14th rushing).

The Packers are currently on a 5 game winning streak which is the best in the NFL at the moment. What really doesnt help once the playoff picture gets tighter could be the Week 1 36-16 loss to the (4) Seattle Seahawks. At the time of today the most effective 4 teams in the NFL will be the Packers, Patriots, Broncos, and Seahawks. All of the teams have a good possibility of winning out they’re conference and having the (1) seed and the (2) seed in the AFC and NFC playoffs. In general, the best team on the NFL could be the Packers because of they’re winning streaks and NFL offensive and defensive ranks. But its never too late for a group to climb up.

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