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Tennessee Titans Targeting Jameis Winston


Many people believe Winston should go to Tampa Bay as #1 pick, but anything could happen until it’s actually official.  I genuinely believe that the Titans would need to see Tampa Bay give Winston.  He would be a great fit for Ken Whisenhunt wants to complete offensively.

Leonard Williams might function as safest pick in the draft.  He may also be the most effective player in the draft.  With that said, it appears logical that the Titans would take him at #2.  Williams will be able to slide to the starting lineup from day one and cause havoc for offenses.  It won’t be as exciting as as among the quarterbacks, but Leonard Williams must be the No. 1 target for the Titans.

Whatever Tampa Bay does, the Titans are likely to be staring at a top-level quarterback when they’re on the clock.  There have been reports that they would take Mariota if he is sitting there at No. 2, but they may just be saying that to lure teams into trading up.  Staying with Mariota wouldn’t be a bad idea considering their current quarterback situation.

If the Titans decide they want a versatile edge pass rusher they will likely call Dante Fowler’s name with the next pick.  He has most of the attributes of an NFL pass rusher and is athletic enough to drop into coverage on some plays.

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