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The Five Finest Female Jockeys on the Circuit

female jockeys

Out of all the things in the world that go together so expertly, horses and females are something many people would not consider! Who knew that female jockeys could be such a stirring sight for the right kind of eyes? Whilst horse racing has always been a sport that is associated with males, female jockeys have been making a huge splash within the sport for quite some time now. With regular victories over their male counterparts, we wanted to try and give each of the elite members of the female jockey fraternity a bit of extra exposure!

So, who is getting hearts racing as well as throbbing on the course today?

female jockeys

Kirsty Milczarek

Having been the first ever female in the UK to successfully ride three winners in the one afternoon, the stunning Milczarek is now (rightfully) getting noted for her sporting attributes as much as her physical blessings.

female jockeys

Rosia Napravnik

Napravnik is one of the most famous and decorated on the female circuit, having taken control of it some years ago and already having enjoyed the pleasure of cleaning up all across North America. She won the 2011 Louisiana Derby as well as the Breeders’ Cup Juvenile in 2012. Likewise, she was involved in the Kentucky Derby and looks set to stay as a mainstay to the female circuit for some time now.

female jockeys

Maylan Studart

A huge part of the racing scene in New York, this Brazilian heartthrob has been involved in a huge range of races. Her fast start – winning 5 of her first 15 – endeared her to a usually suspicions public and now this stunner brings fans from all the country to cheer her on.

female jockeys

Chantal Sutherland

Seen by many as one of the best up and comers within the female jockey circuit, Sutherlands came to national attention in 2011 when she won the Santa Anita Handicap. As the first female winner of this event, she found herself the new member of the fame and fortune club; although her four-page spread in Vogue lets you know that Chantal was already on her way to success before this huge event.

female jockeys

Kayla Stra

Stra has been involved in more than 500 wins down under, as she runs amok in the Australian circuits as well as all across the globe. At the time of writing, she is cleaning up in California and has been racing across various circuits – she was among the jockeys interviewed in the awesome Jockeys documentary on Animal Planet. If you want to see some more of this, you should check it out – it’s very interesting!

Which of these voluptuous beauties would you choose as your eternal riding partner?

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  1. Great article!! I pick Maylan Studart

  2. They are all pretty nice looking jockeys

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