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Thoughts on Tim Tebow To The Eagles

Tim Tebow, Eagles strike agreement to bring quarterback to Philadelphia
Tim Tebow, Eagles strike agreement to bring quarterback to Philadelphia

Although it’s unlikely Tebow can have a significant role with the Eagles – or even make the 53-man roster – it’s absolutely absurd that the quarterback has finally returned to the NFL after 2 yrs away. The past time Tebow saw any kind of game action was with the New England Patriots through the 2013 preseason. According to most sports reporters, Tim Tebow, is a subpar quarterback at best.

Tom Sells of sportsdiary365.com Writes ” Guy’s done NOTHING to deserve the hate he gets. And whether he ever plays another snap or not, his twelve months in Denver (coming from the long-suffering Browns fan with The Drive/The Fumble childhood scars) was legendary. The playoff game where each completion seemingly was a 30 yard gain or TD? Guy is really a legend as a college QB and a winner against all odds as a pro. He’s a winner period.”

Now in Philadelphia, Tebow will soon be only a headline. Sure, he won a couple of games (including one in the playoffs) and helps make exciting plays from time to time, but he’s only a device at this point. If head coach Chip Kelly thinks Tebow may make an impact with this team beyond running the possibility, he’s headed for a rude awakening.

Dave Miller of Freesportspicksdaily.com writes “Tim Tebow is an incredible athlete whose primary focus is excelling at a position that numerous doubt he can/will excel at.. He’s been out of the league for a whole season taking care of his form and expertise determined to prove many doubters wrong. And if he doesn’t maybe he will soon be willing to modify positions. Chip Kelly signed him now, rather than later so he’s not playing catch up and can develop some form of chemistry with the receivers. People who live in the past can never move forward later on”

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