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Time For Adrian Peterson To Retire From Vikings


There’s a laundry set of achievements for Adrian Peterson in the NFL. Despite a lot of football left in his legs, Peterson has received some off-field issues. Given that his name and reputation are tarnished, he will be a good idea to call it a lifetime career and pursue something apart from football.

Peterson is placed for the others of his life when it comes to finances and health. In case a former player can leave with both money and a clean medical record after playing football for several years, it would have been a win for them. Granted, Peterson is not walking far from the overall game because he is fed up with the activity or because he’s lost desire, but his child abuse allegations have left him no choice.

After the NFL declined to reinstate him this season, Peterson quickly stated that he has plans to pursue his career outside football. He even stated that his next goal in life is to teach for the Olympics and honestly, I am hoping he gets there. Although Peterson made an awful mistake, he still deserves the capacity to exist and move on.

It is a shame that Peterson would end his NFL career in this way, but what other choices does he have? No team is going to give him a chance, because protesters will be lining up at the entranceway yelling and screaming at every game that he played.

Even Ray Rice, who had been reinstated this season, continues to be with out a team, and it seems as though he is likely to be waiting quite a long time to locate a new home. Though Rice and Peterson have two completely different cases, both of them are huge risks for a group to gamble on. In the present age of sports, it’s not merely about your on-field ability — you have to be an upstanding citizen off the field too.

Peterson may have to put a finish to his Hall-of-Fame-like career early. He was one of the finest running backs in the overall game when he was on the field, but he needs a new start. Personally, I wish Peterson luck in his future endeavors; maybe he’ll turn his life around and reunite on the right track.

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