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Why Tom Brady Is The Best Ever


The NFL season is currently over and the New England Patriots are once more champions of the football universe. It have been 11 years since Tom Brady and the Pats had won the super bowl for the next time in four years. However, given that Brady has secured his fourth ring in 6 appearances, it’s time and energy to start defining his legacy. Widely regarded as one of the 5 additionally time prior to this latest Super Bowl victory, it’s arguable that he has firmly supplanted Peyton Manning, Dan Marino, John Elway, and even the great Joe Montana as the greatest to ever throw a basketball in the NFL. In fact, within my humble opinion, it’s significantly more than arguable.

There is no way to truly quantify degrees of greatness. The quantity of variables that enter ranking quarterbacks are just too extensive to definitively say one all-time great quarterback surpasses all of the rest. With that said, I am going to use and be fair and objective about any of it topic in explaining why Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. could be the G.O.A.T.

Looking purely at their championship achievements, it’s debatable whether Joe Montana’s four out of four in Super Bowls surpasses Brady’s 4 in 6. Montana’s 49ers were utterly unbeatable in the Super Bowls and Playoffs  in their 4 appearances whereas Brady’s teams have always been associated with close games. However, Brady gains the bonus because of his record-breaking six super bowl appearances. Montana might have led his team to a perfect 4-0 in the big game but that entails he could not get his team to the Super Bowl in 12 other opportunities(2 of those with the Kansas City Chiefs). Tom Brady now has the NFL record for many Super Bowl starts with a quarterback with 6 and he is not retiring anytime soon. For his unbelievable excellence, Brady wins this round. It’s basic math: 6 > 4. Not to mention, those of you that value an unblemished super bowl record over more appearances, Terry Bradshaw matches Montana’s 4 for 4 record and and I’m not hearing anyone arguing that he is the greatest to ever do it.

Along exactly the same line as super bowl wins and appearances, much of the legacy discussion comes down seriously to team success. This is a category where Tom Brady once more is among the elite of the elite. With 160 career wins as a beginner, he currently occupies the next place position behind only Brett Favre and Peyton Manning, both of who have lower win percentages than Brady. Also note, Brady is number 1 with regard to win percentage among quarterbacks in the most effective 50 in wins. Brady also holds the record for many postseason starts and wins with a quarterback with 28 and 20 respectively. With Brady while the starting quarterback, the Patriots have not had a losing season. Clearly, the team success of Tom Brady is virtually unparalleled.

Statistically, Brady and many of the other great quarterbacks in NFL history are difficult to compare. Brady is near the most effective in every category. Admittedly, the numbers are skewed because of the differing styles of play between eras but I’ll address that point only a little later. Brady currently sits at fifth in most time touchdown passes with 392, trailing only Drew Brees, Dan Marino, Brett Favre, and Peyton Manning. Joe Montana sits at 11th with 273 touchdown passes. Many will indicate the more defense-friendly state of the league prior to the new millennium to protect Montana. However, that argument rings hollow if you ask me as Fran Tarkenton, who played even before Montana, has 342 career touchdown passes, nearly 70 significantly more than Montana. Pertaining to yardage, Brady ranks 5th again, behind exactly the same 4 quarterbacks. Favre, the existing yardage King is a viable contender for the positioning of greatest ever along side Brady, Montana, Manning, and perhaps a few others. However, what puts Brady over Favre, Manning, and especially Marino is his postseason success. Manning and Favre have only one Super Bowl championship each, while Marino stands as one of the greatest athletes ever not to have won a single ring.

In the miscellaneous category, Brady remains equal, if not greater compared to the rest. As everybody knows, measurable abilities and statistics are not the end-all-be-all. Intangible abilities will also be vital to an all-time great player’s resume. In this regard, Brady is widely recognized as one of the greatest competitors in the history of sports. He’s at the least on par with each of the aforementioned quarterbacks. Another element that adopts being a great QB could be the team around them. Brady has already established relatively pedestrian supporting casts throughout his career. He has already established solid offensive lines but really not a whole lot else. His receiving corps includes Randy Moss(for just over 2 seasons) and a lot of guys. Brady’s Patriots have not had at the very top running game either. The sole section of his supporting cast that can be considered elite could be the Patriots’coaching. Bill Belichick is one of the 5 best coaches in NFL history. However, this should not remove from anything Brady has accomplished as mostly all super bowl winning coaches are regarded as quality coaches.

Brady reigns supreme because of his career of all-around greatness. Not just does he have the numbers, but additionally the team success and leadership qualities. Montana’s stats simply do not compare. Marino never found a way to win the big one. Manning, Favre, and Brees have only stood atop the football mountain once in their careers. Elway only made it happen twice. Brady’s presence in the most effective 5 of each significant quarterbacking category prove that his greatness is simply unmatched by everyone. Plus he is married to a supermodel. Conclusively, all he does is win.

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