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Tom Brady Looks to Lead the Pats to Another Super Bowl


Since training camp has begun for the NFL, I is likely to be discussing every NFL team’s most conflicting questions. I is likely to be doing one division per day for the following eight days, beginning with the AFC East and finishing with the NFC West.

New England Patriots: Can Tom Brady Produce Another Championship for the Pats?

Tom Brady is regarded as being one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game. With 3 Super Bowl titles, 2 MVPs and 9 Pro Bowls he surely has the resume. But his last Super Bowl win came 10 years ago. With the team he has can he produce another championship run? If Rob Gronkowski and the receiving core can stay healthy, the running backs can stop fumbling the ball and Peyton Manning was from the league, he then would have a chance. With Manning taking his game to another location level and Brady’s game declining, this indicates doubtful that Brady can win 4 Super Bowls.

New York Jets: Can Chris Johnson Return to Pro Bowl Level?

The New York Jets acquired 3 time pro bowler, Chris Johnson, in the offseason. What they hope for is that Johnson is often as effective as he was previously, earlier in his career. That includes rushing for over 2000 yards and 2509 yards total in one season. If he did this, the Jets could be the favorite to win the division. But can he try this? I do believe he can. With a really bad Tennessee Titans team, he was still able to produce. The Jets boast more talent compared to the Titans do on the offensive end and are way better on the defensive end. The Jets aren’t as bad as people think and will surprise a huge amount of people this season.

Miami Dolphins: Will Knowshon Moreno be as Productive as Last Year?

Like Chris Johnson, Moreno was on another team last season. Unlike Chris Johnson, Moreno had his best season last year. Can he follow it up with an even better season with a worse team? No. Peyton Manning made Moreno look way better than he was. Teams had to modify to Peyton Manning and thought to themselves, “If we will lose, it’s likely to be by the running game.” As a result of this, most of the Bronco’s running backs did well. That is why this year Monte Ball is projected to complete well this year. Moreno can look like he did the years before a year ago since the Dolphins aren’t as offensively gifted as the Broncos.

Buffalo Bills: Who Will Emerge as the Best Offensive Weapon?

The Bills have a typical offense that may become above average if everyone cooperates. With 3 capable running backs, the Bills only problem is getting each of them reps. Last season CJ Spiller was  poised to breakout, but a lingering ankle injury limited his production. Meanwhile Fred Jackson had one of the best seasons of his career. Then Bryce Brown was acquired from free agency. Two seasons ago Brown appeared to be a Pro Bowler with the Eagles while Lesean McCoy was injured. His only flaw was his capability to look after the football, three fumbles in two games. Then in the receiving game they’ve Sammy Watkins. Watkins is as highly touted a rookie as anyone. What he did in college was impressive, however now he needs to prove himself in the NFL. Also, can quarterback EJ Manuel establish himself as a successful player and stay healthy? One of these simple 5 players will emerge as a risk and I believe it is likely to be Watkins because of the little depth of receivers that the Bills have.

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