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Tom Brady Performances We All Can Remember

Tom Brady

For anyone just getting into the world of NFL, there is one name you need to try and remember; Tom Brady. Seen by many as the best “big-game” quarter-back in the sport, Brady defines the word consistency when it really matters. From his introduction to the New England Patriots in 2001, just about everything he has done since then has been built around making sure his team can lift major honours.

As we head into the end of the Playoff season, and arguably towards the ending years of Brady and his amazing career, we want to take a moment to look back on some of his most dramatic performances over the years. It took plenty of time, but we’ve whittled down his most amazing moments to the following events;

VS Tennessee Titans, 2009

In Week 6 of the season, the team needed Brady to come up big and help them get started. Well, given that he was throwing for five of his six touchdowns in just one quarter, he also managed to do all of this in 2 1/3 quarters! A truly enigmatic performance, it set the tone for his quality and the many performances we’ve seen since, and before, 2009.

VS Miami Dolphins, 2007

Back in ’07, Brady was hitting the heights that many of us have grown so accustomed to over the years. This was his best ever season according to the stats, and the teams best ever regular season as well. The Dolphins game was the best of his games during that incredible run, as he threw six of a record fifty touchdowns in the one game! He also completed a perfect passing ratio with 158.3, incredible stuff!

VS Carolina Panthers, 2004

This incredible game is one to remember for the ages – talk about the biggest stage of all! During the XXXVIII Super Bowl, Bradly was in imperious form. It was his finest ever match according to many, as he set a record of 32 completions and 354yards throw; his second-highest total in a playoff match. As far as times go to hit those kinds of records, we would suggest that the Super Bowl might be a good time to start doing so!

Tom Brady

VS Pittsburgh Steelers, 2005

This game witnessed an incredible match whereby Brady managed to deliver an AFC Championship-winning performance despite burning up with a 103-degree fever the night before! He played the match impeccably, recording a 130.5 pass rating; the third best of his whole career! The team won 41-27, and entered for their third Super Bowl in just four years.

The man himself might not admit it, but he’s been in put some of the top all-time performances in the sport. His incredible quality and precision as well as his never-ending spirit has made sure that he has gone down in history anyway, but a litany of performances like those above have seen Brady compared to some of the finest in sporting history – with records like these, it’s easy to see why.

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  1. Great memories from all these games. Really enjoyed this article

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