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Tom Brady Ready For Revenge in Week 6

Tom Brady

Grudge games are awesome, How about when Tom Brady is involved, and that one is being featured on NBC’s Sunday Night Football. The Pats QB pretended not to worry about the fact Indy called him on manipulating deflating the footballs (allegedly), but his fire burns way too hot.

Anyone thinking Brady isn’t staying awake at night thinking about how he’s planning to destroy the Colts is just not seeing the entire world through the correct lens.

This entire season to date has been one big grudge match for Brady, and the results speak for themselves. New England is undefeated, and Brady is assembling a virtuoso of a campaign that rivals anything he’s done in seasons past.

On one other side, there can be a couple of fires of an alternative kind burning in the locker room of the Colts. There has been rumors of head coach Chuck Pagano’s impending departure following the summer season since early in the 2015 calendar year. And following the team’s 0-2 start, those rumors heated up in a large way. Three wins in a row to the Titans, Jacksonville and Houston haven’t really done much to place them to rest, either.

This upcoming game against the Patriots might be a defining moment in the summer season for Pagano. Given the lack of competition in the AFC South, Indy will likely enter the playoffs, even if it’s limping badly. But a large loss in the home to the hated Patriots could doom the pinnacle coach.

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