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Why Tony Romo Is The NFL MVP


This is the season that Tony Romo finally figured it out — he learned that he didn’t have to do absolutely everything himself to ensure that his team to win. In per year where in fact the Dallas Cowboys‘ coaches helped him reach this realization by taking a few of the play calling responsibilities from him, after all these seasons he finally was the leader of the Cowboys, and at once also became usually the one player who the Cowboys can’t live without. He is the definition of who the MVP is; it’s not who has the gaudiest stats for the season or who sells probably the most jerseys, it’s who had been the most crucial element in your team’s success for that season.

For a long time Romo had to operate for his life behind a porous offensive line, dodged and ran around his way to making spectacular plays simply to keep his team in the game. But with one of these spectacular plays sometimes came spectacular turnovers, and this is what caused the majority of the criticism he has received on the years.

The team never had a regular running game to greatly help take a few of the pressure off of him, so as a result, opposing defenses could have their safeties sit back in coverage while their front seven would simply pin their ears back on blitzes hoping to get to Romo. And when teams understand that you do not have a running back who is able to punish you for this type of strategy, that’s usually a formula for disaster for the quarterback.

Well, in an attempt to keep Romo’s back healthy, and at once keep their defense off the field, the Cowboys’ coaches decided to lean more on their running game this season, and the outcomes finished up speaking for themselves. Given that teams could no more blitz the Cowboys on virtually every play, Romo had a lot of time to scan the field, discover the open man, and flaunt that accurate and powerful arm of his.

He wound up having the best completion percentage of his career by completing 69.9 percent of his passes, which led the league, tied his career lower in turnovers with 12, only nine INT’s, also was the leader in the league in quarterback rating at 113, also a career and league high. He passed for 3,700 yards, threw for 34 touchdowns, and had typically 8.5 yards per completion, all while being a part of an offense that had the league’s leading rusher in Demarco Murray. For those who believe that anyone would have set up these numbers with that offense, just go back and look at what the team did when Brandon Weeden was handed the keys to the offense for per week — total disaster!

What’s more important is that as the season proceeded, his numbers improved. In the month of December, a four game stretch where in fact the team needed to win in order to secure a playoff spot, Romo played his best by completing 76 percent of his passes while throwing for 987 yards, 12 touchdowns and just one interception.

He continued this stellar play in the playoffs, and when it wasn’t for a terrible reversal of an amazing Dez Bryant catch in Green Bay, he may still been leading this team into Sunday’s game in Arizona. So when you look at each of what he could accomplish in 2010, the media seriously must forget all of their Romo bashing from yesteryear and give the person what he deserves this season, and that’s the league MVP.

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