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Trail Blazers Are In Trouble Matthews Out For The Year


The Portland Trail Blazers are among the more electric teams in the NBA this year. But There is bad news for the team is a majority of the electricity is generated from Wesley Matthews, who’ll have to miss the rest of the season after he tore his left Achilles tendon in a blowout win on the Dallas Mavericks Thursday night.

The heartbreaking part may be the injury occurred without contact. An easy drive and cut, something he did so often times before, is the main reason she must watch from the sidelines for the rest of the season.

“Just what a shame, and to incorporate insult to the injury (if even possible), this is his contract year. I am not a fan of Portland but I still hate to see this eventually anyone not as a promising player such as for instance Mathews. Get well in due time sir, don’t rush the rehab, you’ve got the required time before the heart of next season. Get well, stay strong, is going to be watching to see where you end up on the court next season young man.”

With a 41-19 record and the current third seed in the Western Conference, the Trail Blazers are in a position to create a serious run in the playoffs. There’s enough talent and determination in the locker room to avoid an accident to a star player from derailing the season.

However, there is no making your way around the truth that Matthews was third on the team with on average 15.9 points per game. He also shot 44 percent from the field and 39 percent from beyond the arc, these numbers clearly contributing factors to why Portland has been so successful this season.

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