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Tyron Taylor Will Lead Buffalo Bills To Playoffs

Tyron Taylor

After the Buffalo Bills’ didn’t show up against the New England Patriots last week, there have been some questions about there star QB Tyrod Taylor if he would be good enough to lead the Bills to a postseason berth. After all, this is actually the most talented Bills team the NFL has noticed in a long time, and Taylor was an unproven fourth year player who had never started a game in his career. He didn’t have his best game against the Patriots, but against the Miami Dolphins, Taylor proved he has the ability to lead the Bills to the postseason.

Taylor had a magnificent game in the Buffalo Bills blowout win. He was extremely accurate for the team, and he made a number of great, difficult throws. He was especially impressive on the two opening drives, as he marched the team down the field on consecutive 77- and 81-yard drives to give the Bills a big 14-0 lead. He was clearly prepared to prove himself following the debacle which was the Patriots game, and he really looked like a good starter Sunday.

A very important factor that Taylor does particularly well is throw accurate deep balls. On multiple occasions, Taylor hit or simply barely missed receivers deep down the field for huge gains. On a single play specifically, Taylor hit Chris Hogan for a touchdown on a long pass. Hogan was spacious, but Taylor put the ball in a place where only Hogan could obtain it, and he hit him in stride. It absolutely was a perfect throw in every regards.

Taylor’s mobility was on display, as always, during the overall game, and his mix of mobility and pocket presence might be lethal for opposing defenses. Taylor didn’t scramble much on the day likely because of an injury he suffered on a slip early in the overall game, but he did move a whole lot in the pocket.

Taylor’s ability to go around, buy time, and get the open receiver will make him an enormous weapon this season and can give opposing defenses nightmares.

The great thing about Taylor is he is still growing as a player. Each week, he will improve and there’s the opportunity he could become a top ten NFL quarterback. Taylor is going to function as the catalyst for the Bills this season, and his performance and passing ability against the Dolphins only helped to prove that.

Taylor will certainly have the ability to obtain the Bills to the playoffs in the weaker AFC, and if they win a wild card game, it wouldn’t be a surprise.

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